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  1. Ludwig Bauer, awarded the RK for actions on the Gothic line 5,6,7 September 1944 and KIA October 1944. A posthumous award
  2. Jim W.

    They just don't understand!!!!

    My thoughts exactly
  3. Jim W.

    Day light trench raid at Tahure

    Hi Marcus, Sadly Robert Circan died of wounds received leading his men into action at Montdidier on 28th March 1918. He now lies in a small cemetery at Ognon Oise. I have visited his grave many times
  4. 101 years ago , 28th January 1918, The French 18 infantry regiment was involved in a trench raid at Tahure, Champagne.Leading the assault was Captain Robert Circan, a holder of the Legion d`Honneur. He personally trained 88 men for the attack which took place just after midday following a short but intense artillery bombardment of the German trenches. The purpose was took destroy 2 troublesome concrete machine gun emplacements. Whilst the engineers dealt with the demolition, Captain Circan led his men through 4 lines of German trenches before withdrawing leaving 4 French dead and capturing enemy prisoners. The regimental history describes this great officer as "The Bravest of The Brave" Here is his citation for the action and a the photo of the great man
  5. Jim W.

    Xmas wishes

    Dear friends, i have not been active much in our hobby as currently I am going through what has become an incredibly nasty divorce and was at one point going to see my collection , which I have collected for over 30 years, decimated by greed and dishonesty. Despite this, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2019. I do hope to become more active on the forum within the next few months Regards Jim
  6. Great pieces and a very generous gift. Thanks for showing Richard Jim
  7. That is a very nice pick up Graham.Nice to see with a photo of the ship as well. Thanks for showing it Jim
  8. Worth keeping on the forum for others to identify from I think Justin
  9. What is the size of this piece?
  10. I wouldn`t bother Greg. I have the revised edition from 1987. The information is available elsewhere and the books are expensive Jim
  11. Jim W.

    Just overjoyed

    Great news Justin. I can just imagine how you felt about losing the package. Looking forward to you posting your new arrivals Jim
  12. Jim W.

    Iron Cross

    Tree bark does like that doesn`t it
  13. Jim W.

    Iron Cross

    Thanks Justin. The KC is a micro 800 S &L and the DKiG is a Zimmermann. The Knights Cross came from a dealer I have dealt with for many years and came direct from the family.It was a posthumous award hence its superb condition. Jim
  14. SA badges I think are a great design .
  15. Jim W.

    I propose a toast!

    I love those Richard.