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  1. Hello everybody, I am trying to identify the people on this photo i have in my archive.. Do you agree with me that the first man from the right is GENERAL HANS GAEDE?? Any idea on the others? Thank you! Mark
  2. Hi Jerry, Thanks for your aswer.iif you see this other picture (Sir Herbert Asquith and Sir Henry Howard -1914 meeting at the Vatican city), the man which is the first to the left it seems to be the same person on the other photo(second to the left) so, thats why I thought to be english men.
  3. Hello everybody, I have this photograph in my archive since months and i am trying to identify this people. I am pretty sure is something related to the uk aviation army, is it correct? Can anybody recognize someone? Not really sure but the last man should be Seargent Edward Street. Thank you! Mark