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  1. GWilliamson

    1870 Godet EK1

    No, traded it some years back to a German collector
  2. Hi Gordon.

    Hope you're doing well.

    Some years ago the estate of Korvettenkapitän Werner Winter (U-103) was split up and sold off by dealer Thomas Huss. It's a long shot, but may I ask if you know the whereabouts of parts of this grouping?

    Thank you for your time!

    Best regards,


  3. GWilliamson

    Military Police

    Absolutely NOT a fantasy, though the bi-metal type with white metal scrolls never existed. Listed as a Forage Cap badge in KIipling & King and confirmed by Lt/Col Jeremy Green who is now the Director of the Royal Military Police Museum as believed having been worn briefly and unofficially by the MFP Detachment at Shorncliffe prior to 1904.
  4. GWilliamson

    MMP Trio

    First WW1 set I've had for some time. P-1969 L/Cpl Harry Ball. Served with Royal Garrison Artillery and then Military Mounted Police. Medals are named to MMP.
  5. GWilliamson

    Extremely rare Krim Shield

    Yes, its KM. That makes it scarce, but something else makes it rare - the maker. It's by Maedicke. Maedicke shields typically have four tabs on the edge. Scarce enough in its own right especially in good condition. This one however, is an early striking with four prongs on the reverse rather than tabs on the edge. According to one of the leading Shield experts, only a handful are known in collections..
  6. Wonder if anyone can see what is special about this one.
  7. Actually Kevin,a friend had at first wondered if the set was complete - in an Infantry DIvision with the EK and no Infantry Assault Badge. Its interesting that during one of the most intense period of action for the unit during the attack on Sevastopol, he got the KVK, not an EK. Of course when you look at the structure of the Infantry Regiment of the time, its clear that there were Feldwebel ranks in charge of things like Gerätunteroffizier, Troß, etc So my guess is that he was a Transport Sgt or Quartermaster Sgt. His EK was awarded while the Regt was moving West, having been ordered to reinforce German forces on Crete. Don't know if it was involved in any actions then, so maybe a case of an award for earlier actions taking time to be processed.
  8. Ky favourite, the Krim Shield. I've seen other Krim Docs to this unit using the same version of the document. There were of course many variants.
  9. Wound Badge document, signed by Battalion Commander Major Paul Leptihn
  10. Iron Cross document, the countersignature is of Hauptmann Karl-Heinrich Bonnet, formerly of Artillery REgiment 22, but serving as Divisional Adjutant ( Thanks to Kevin for confiming this one)
  11. East Front Medal, signed by the Company Commander Oberstleutnant Hans Baethmann
  12. War Merit Cross document, signed by General Wolff, later an Oakleaves winner.
  13. First decent paperwork set I've had for ages. Grouping is to Feldwebel Wilhelm Städing from 9 Kompanie (III Bataillon) Infanterie Regiment 65. The bulk of the awards were for actions in the Crimea, primarily the assault on Sevastopol. This unit was part of 22 Infanterie Division, which began life as 22 Luftlande Division, predominantly a Glider borne force which saw action in the campaign in the West. By the time the entered Russia, they were basically employed as regular Infantry.
  14. GWilliamson

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Tragic news. Eric Jan was a true gent and will be sorely missed. RIP
  15. GWilliamson

    Panzer Kuban Shield

    Thanks Jim ! Started with my getting a nice British Crimea Medal pair, led to getting some Imperial Russian Crimea bits, then to the Krim shield. Got most of the variants now and of course once you get one shield you want more ! Krim will always be my favourite though.