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  1. I believe the 'Unknown' R.A.D. man is none other than G.A.F. Inspector Dr. Wilhelm Decker..
  2. Old thread, I doubt it would have been worn on a tunic as the RAD were very precise as to uniforms and insignia per the Verordnunungsbatt, it is however a very desirable hand embroidered version of the Dienstellenabzeichen worn on the upper left sleeve.. As to why ?
  3. Nice items, Great to see you posting here again, I was beginning to think you had left... G
  4. Gwar

    R.A.D. Officer ID

    Viktor von Alten is mistaken for Hierl a lot, the one way to differentiate is that Hierl was the supreme leader of the Reichsarbeitsdienst and as being so wore a golden 'Dienststellenabzeichen' sleeve shield devoid of any Gau numbers.
  5. Hello ! What is the backing color of this insignia ? G
  6. Here are some RAD ( Reichsarbietsdienst ) tinnies I have
  7. Gwar

    R.A.D. Officer ID

    A little late to the party, it is Gauarbeitsfuhrer Friedrich Kohler, AD GAU XVI Westfalen-Nord... G
  8. Any other members here that collect Rad / FAD buckles ??