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  1. StGeorge64

    A special plane in the end

    Michael, that is indeed a very nice set indeed, a really nice DKiG/EP Soldbuch with supporting photos and made especially interesting as you were able to locate copies of his Flugbuch, and of course with the Arado Ar 234 as an aircraft he flew is very desirable indeed. Are you able to show some of the Urkunden at all? Regards Richard.
  2. I have just re-read this excellent thread once again, and have to say your level of research and presentation is probably the best I have yet seen. Your knowledge of the Berlin Volkssturm really would make an excellent book. Regards Richard.
  3. StGeorge64

    Soldbuch Photos

    Time for another one..... This time a Bordfunker from (primarily) Kampfgeschwader 100, he would eventually be awarded the EK 1 and Frontflug-Spange fur Kampfflieger in Gold. Always nice to see a Fronflug-Spange on a Soldbuch photo. Regards Richard.
  4. This is the only example of a Truppenausweis I have in my collection. The man is question served initially within the Kreigsmarine, before Luftwaffe service as a Bordfunker primarily with Kampfgeschwader 100, Lehrgeschwader 1 and finally Kampfgeschwader 27 "Boelcke". He would be awarded the EK 1 and Fronflug-Spange fur Kampfflieger in Gold. Regards Richard.
  5. StGeorge64

    PoW Camp Guards

    Kevin, I never tire of seeing that Wehrpass! The fact that his time-line of service at Stalag Luft III, and in particular at Belaria, means he was present when 'The Great Escape' occured is for me at least, very worthwhile in seeing. I sometimes wish I had taken some pictures of the former site of Belaria however, it really is just an overgrown grassy field surrounded by woodland now, with nothing at all of note left to photograph. Great idea for a thread by the way. Michael, that is an excellent snippet of information. I had no idea of that (he also apparently appeared in 'The Longest Day' too) and as someone who is very much interested in anything to do with 'The Great Escape' and the accompanying film, that is an interesting point of note. Regards Richard.
  6. StGeorge64

    WANTED: Paperwork.....

    Slightly refined and still looking for the following........ Luftwaffe Document Groupings Interested in any aircrew members Flugbucher, Urkunden, Soldbucher, Wehrpass, Leistungsbuch, Scheinen and photograph albums and associated paperwork. I am in particular interested in Kampfgeschwader and Zerstorergeschwader items. Regards Richard.
  7. I was pleased to find among the photographs an example of him wearing his 'Schiffstammabteilung 14' Mützenband. Hopefully these might of proved to be of some interest. Regards Richard.
  8. The 'Schiffstammabteilung 14' is for myself a very nice item and luckily just fitted on my scanner enabling myself to make a detailed scan accordingly.
  9. Justin that is a quite simply a stunning collection of Mützenbanden you have assembled. I recently picked up a Luftwaffe document grouping to a Feldwebel who predominantly served as a Bordfunker in Kampfgeschwader 100, Lehrgeschwader 1 and Kampfgeschwader 27 "Boelcke". Eventually awarded the EK 1 and FFS I Gold, he initially served within the Kreigsmarine. Among the documents are some nice clear images of him in Kreigsmarine uniform, his Kreigsmarine Truppenausweis and two Mützenbande, 'Schiffstammabteilung 14' and 'Marinenachrichtenschule Aurich'. Here are the Mützenbande photographed together, the 'Marinenachrichtenschule Aurich' has quite dark and subdued lettering which has unfortunatly made it appear unclear in the image however, the 'Schiffstammabteilung 14' is a very nice piece indeed with very vivid lettering.
  10. Kevin Excellent in that you have added the 2 Widmann promotion citations to what is a very interesting Kampfflieger Wehrpass. Regards Richard. (PS Do the citations come with the embossed folder?)
  11. StGeorge64

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Many thans Bart, much appreciated. Regards Richard.
  12. StGeorge64

    Babylon Berlin

    Hi Bart Not sure if this is available (yet) outside of Sky however, thought I would post the official trailer which gives a good flavour of the series. Hve now started watching the second series, which is every bit as good as the first. This really is worth watching. Regards Richard.
  13. StGeorge64

    Babylon Berlin

    I stumbled accross this completely by accident. 'Babylon Berlin' (currently showing on Sky Box Sets) is a drama set in the late 1920s in Berlin. With 8 episodes in the first series, I am now 6 episodes in and have to say it is an epic production. The attention to detail is excellent and the plot involves a deep cross section of Berlin society at the time. It has Polizei, Stalinist Trotskyites, White Russians, Bolsheviks, Pornographers, Gangsters and more. For those with the eye for period detail (this is not about the N.S.D.A.P. by the way) there are not only Polizei unforms on show but also Heer, Railway and Zoll, all added to extremely credible civilian attire shown, including SPD, CDU and everday Communists. The main characters are gritty, realistic and wholly believable, many of whom are still in the shadow of WWI, and the long and short of it is a detailed, action-packed, credible and highly watchable drama series. Watch it if you can. Regards Richard.
  14. The Luftwaffe Schiffchen is a very basic reporduction from top to bottom. Regards Richard.
  15. StGeorge64

    Happy New Year

    (Slightly late however , the sentiment is the same) Happy New Year for 2018, and happy hunting for all of your collections, but most of all good health to all. Regards Richard.