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  1. Very nice.I have a couple of ribbon suspended example,but not a pin back.Cheers Wolf.
  2. Hi werWolf.Very interesting.I have one also that is marked L12 which I think is CE Juncker.Mine is cased & ribbon enclosed & is very similar looking to yours.Any way it has been considered a fake,but I feel it needs a closer look.Cheers Wolf.
  3. Wolfgang Schwarz

    EK2 maker?

    Nice looking ek II.I have one as well that hasn't a markers stamp,annoying.Thanks for showing.Cheers Wolf.
  4. Wolfgang Schwarz

    German cross in gold

    Interesting tom.I would have thought post war 1945 - pre 1957 versions would have more current hardware.Pin,clasp,hinge,enameling etc.If this was a post war issue,you would not expect so much wear to the badge.Cheers Wolf.
  5. Wolfgang Schwarz

    German cross in gold

    I have two which have been called fakes & look as good as this.All I can say is that it looks like an early war issue.There are guys on here that will let you know in a minute.Nice badge.Cheers Wolf.
  6. I am not sure if this the forum to post this question sorry.This is a tinny I recently purchased with the description. Old Badge. Kneipp Club. For loyal membership - Kneippkuren. Is there any one who might be able to identify the era of this badge & what it represents. Thanks Wolf.
  7. Wolfgang Schwarz

    Civilian Organization Tinny

    Thanks for this information Bart.
  8. Wolfgang Schwarz

    Civilian Organization Tinny

    That's interesting.I have the exact same badge.Wolf.
  9. Wolfgang Schwarz

    Authentic U-Boat badge?

    Interesting. I thought if the boat did not have a propeller it would be a fake also. Wolf.
  10. Very nice Steve.Here are 2 I have.Cheers Wolf.
  11. Wolfgang Schwarz

    EKII Moritz Hausch

    Thanks for that Hans.Very interesting.Cheers Wolf.
  12. You know Elwood.When I look at that makers No. it looks like 51 to me.Maybe it's my computer,but I don't see 50.Cheers Wolf.
  13. Elwood.I have one like that,but it is to dark to photograph now.It has a makers No. on ring,but like yours I reckon it maybe 2 frames.Wolf.
  14. Wolfgang Schwarz

    EKII Moritz Hausch

    That's interesting Hans.Can you pick this manufacturer because of the enameling?It does not look right to me.Wolf.
  15. Nice.Looks pretty standard to me.Wolf.
  16. The only KVK's I have are 1957 ones.Nice looking.The pin seems a bit wide.Any way I'm sure it's a gooden.Cheers Wolf.
  17. Hi Elwood.Gee you wouldn't expect that to happen.I am no expert,but I have a couple that look like that & they are fake.Here is an original I have.Cheers Wolf.
  18. Is there any one who has an opinion as to whether this totenkopf is genuine or not.Cheers Wolf.
  19. Wolfgang Schwarz


    Her's the makers mark on mine.Wolf.
  20. Wolfgang Schwarz


    Looks nice to me.T.R issue.
  21. Hi PeterPaul.I would hate to give you any advice on buying ww2 german on line.I have bought so much fake stuff on here it's not funny.I buy a lot of Weimar & TR civil awards on ebay out of Germany & ask the ? do you sell any Wehrmacht stuff,they will usually show you their collection they are not allowed to advertise on ebay.This forum has a collectors corner where you can look at items being sold by our members.If you let me know what your thinking of buying I do have a few genuine pieces I have run by this forum.Also if you are after what I call old age jeweller reproductions,which to me look close to genuine to the untrained eye let me know. Here are 2 Luftwaffe badges I have been advised that are poor fakes.I have compared them to ones I have seen on emedals & to my untrained eye,they look very similar to the ones being sold as genuine.I do deal with someone I trust,but need to dig out his web site address,can do tomorrow if your interested.Good luck Wolf.
  22. I wonder if there is any one who may be able to identify this shoulder board.It was described to me as being French.But I thought slaying a dragon is an English thing.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Cheers Wolf.
  23. I rescently received a few of these uniform pips & wondering if any one can identify them as Third Reich or post T.R.Cheers Wolf.
  24. I rescently received a few of these buttons & wonder if any one knows whether they are Third Reich or post T.R.Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.Cheers Wolf.