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  1. many thanks Martin for the confirmation ~ Erich
  2. is it true the Kormoron had two Arado's on board ? E ~
  3. Erich

    Luftwaffe in color...

    second foto : Grüne 4, Ta 152H-1 flown in Stab/JG 301 by ace Walter Loos, being refurbished to it's orignal scheme/markings
  4. Erich

    Luftwaffe in color...

    Seb your second posting down the first image of the Fw 190 Dora-9 from JG 6 has been shown in several publications ........... thought I would ID it if you did not know.
  5. Kevin can you access the kracker Archiv's ? this is the case if the said awardee was a Pilot.... E ~
  6. good colour pic of Alfred Müller-Schnellboot
  7. even with little finish remaining there is something special in my idea about the Schwerin S-Boot Abzeichen it is just plain rugged and good looking and presents the sleekness of the Schnellboot. thank you Gentlemen for providing examples
  8. Erich

    Nachtjagdgeschwader 1 plaque

    very nice Martin, interesting that after the Falcon crest appeared for NJG 1 the other NJG's incorporated the symbol with slight differences. I remember quite well my communique' with the Falcon, what a wonderful honourable man. Understanding the NJG development in 1943 from someone "being there" can never be replaced.
  9. Eric-Jan have you been able to contact the US 352nd fg rep Bob Powell for further info's ? I am a friend and have been of the fighter group for years, if you need any assistance.....
  10. nice selection of fighter/nf's and schlachtfliegers..............congrats. see a pic of my old friend Will Unger from IV.Sturm/JG 3 and night fighter pilot of NJG 5 Eduard Lindinger; interviewed him the week he passed away. photo of day fighter pilot of JG 11, Adolf Dickfeld....
  11. Erich

    Show us your EK2 awarded photo's

    KM member from Minenschiff 12
  12. ah to the experts I go ............. Gentlemen am confused on the collar tabs of the Stug uniform. I note the long tabs for Battalion as well as Brigade but also the skulls on a field grey and or black background with red trim. why is one used and the other not. Am I correct that the Stug Abteilung members of the Infantrie Division and the Tank Destroyer units - independent wore the skulls specifically or not .......... ? many thanks for any response(s). Erich ~
  13. Eduardo I see 2 fotos of servicemen from the 3.Schnellboot flottille, many thanks for posting ............... E ~
  14. Pierre and additional page for your thread...............Der Adler again same issue
  15. nice grouping with the docs and tag besides the soldbuch baldy which really adds for more research on the chap. E ~