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  1. Wonderful work on this thread so far. The colour brings it to life.
  2. It was also awarded for the conduct of military operations, being received by many Generals for that reason. It is surprising that he didn't receive it from Hitler. Not sure they were always on the best of terms perhaps.
  3. I'll bump this and see if we can get it moving. That's a rare shot of the three together, he was a member from the beginning by the looks
  4. Tony T-S

    from humble beginnings

    Wow, that is a very fine collection. Beautiful examples of everything too by the looks congrats
  5. I bought this on another forum and cannot discuss it there. It is a beautiful example of a Souval RK, I'm am guessing quite early as it is so well made. The OLS, also marked L/58 are also very well made. The swords are soldered to the oaks and the finish is as good if not better than the S&Ls I own. The cutouts around the leaves are complete and well finished. The obverse of the RK has developed a nice patina, from poor storage I think, and the reverse is as new. It has it's original highly polished flange and what appears to be frosting on the beading. It looks to have been displayed out in the open in the copy LDO case it came in. I have some fake ribbon so will need to see if I can find some Souval ribbon for it. There are no flaws on the beading, the only wear being to the beading in the right hand corner on the 6 o'clock arm. I'm assuming that the frame is Neusilber as there is no silver (800) mark anywhere. So, photos. I apologise for these as I have nowhere in the house to take decent shots.
  6. Tony T-S

    Hermann Göring- missing his medals

    I think I read somewhere that he stopped wearing them for a while protesting the poor performance of some in the Luftwaffe. I cannot remember where I read it.
  7. Yes indeed, two of them have them over their left pockets.
  8. That's good news. I'm very glad to have found this cross. I shall now quietly watch out for an earlier Souval RK in better condition than the lovely warn one I own
  9. This is the ribbon and a close up of one section. The black is difficult to photograph. Hopefully these shots are clear enough. I have higher resolution shots of both, but don't want to weigh the thread down unless necessary
  10. Thanks Alex, I can take some shots of it as it would be nice to know if it is original to the cross, well, at least Souval anyway.
  11. It's wider than an RK ribbon, it is just swimming around in the case, it's 55mm. I don't know the age, others could have a better guess. 70s perhaps. It's kept it's finish very well.
  12. Excellent shot actually, note the first version of the Luftwaffe breast "eagle", wings with a Swaz.