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  1. Gentlemen, Is it possible to bring back the edit feature for posts? I am hoping to begin posting again and sharing more photos in the near future. Some of you might have noticed that I have been using Dropbox to host my images. This is because my images were typically high resolution and the space required would quickly consume my allotted image storage space on the forum. The issue I am facing at the moment is that I would like to move my images away from Dropbox and onto my own personal FTP server. I used my own FTP server to host images for the forum briefly before making the switch to Dropbox. At the time it was easy to change the URL links for the posts because the edit function was still available. However, I see that the edit function has now been removed for posts. Many thanks, Ben
  2. TheGronkster

    Imperial German Officer Shoulder Boards

    I sent you an IM with my e-mail address as I know attaching everything here could consume a considerable amount of space. Most of the photos in your GMIC post are appealing, but I'd be looking for more in exchange for the shoulder boards.
  3. Neat photo. However, this is actually a WW2 era photo. I think the stahlhelm is the M1935 variant or later. In addition, WW1 German tunics prior to the M1915 had eight buttons in contrast to what appear to be five buttons in the photo.
  4. TheGronkster

    Imperial German Officer Shoulder Boards

    Sounds good. I'm hoping to trade the entire batch for a good set of photos, but can break up into smaller groups if your friend doesn't have many photos to offer. Shipping to Germany is not a problem. I am located in United States. Ben
  5. Will trade for original WW1 photos. I am interested in photos from all nations that participated in the Great War and especially like photos of weapons, equipment, and studio portraits. Click on each to enlarge:
  6. TheGronkster

    Family photo

    I was able to see the ribbons with better detail by zooming into the photo on Google Drive and I am now a little more confident of my ribbon assessment. I wanted to add that this is a nice photo and this soldier would have had a very honorable service record. He also would have been authorized to add the World War II Victory Medal ribbon following the end of the war:
  7. TheGronkster

    Family photo

    He was a corporal in the United States Army during WW2. It's difficult to be 100% certain which ribbons are present in black and white photos. Are you able to provide the photo in a higher resolution? Below are what I think his ribbons are: His right side: 1) Presidential Unit Citation His left side: 1) Purple Heart 2) Good Conduct Medal 3) American Defense Service Medal 4) Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two service stars
  8. Thanks, Graham. I like photos that show the different designs of masks during the development and trial periods. I would love to add this to my collection, but the price is too high for me.
  9. Thanks, JustinG. Stay tuned as I have a lot of photos to share. For this thread I'll eventually add more aircraft, anti-aircraft, and even some unpublished photos of Hermann Göring. Ben
  10. TheGronkster

    Photo - General Sir Brian Hubert Robertson

    Very nice, @Sobel! I have tinkered with coloring old BW photos in GIMP a little bit and have found it to be very time consuming. So I can appreciate how much work you must have put into this. After the original post I I did a lot of repair work to remove scratches and also reduced the glare on the side of his head before uploading the photo to Wikimedia and adding it to his Wikipedia page. Glad to see people are reading about him on the Internet . I was recently reading about a different topic in a post on GMIC and noticed that Robertson was one of the signers of the Allied document that officially abolished the state/kingdom of Prussia at the end of WW2. Thanks for sharing! Best regards, Ben
  11. TheGronkster

    Photos - MG08 and MG08/15 Machine Guns

    Saxon soldiers of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 103 (103rd Infantry Regiment) with two MG08s: Photo dated 28 September 1915.
  12. Very nice awards, everybody! Please keep them coming. Below is a Prussian Merit Cross in gold (gilt): As you can see, much of the gilt has worn off. This was only awarded from 1912-1918 and the award was to be returned after the death of the recipient. However, with the abdication of the monarchy most recipients probably kept their awards.
  13. TheGronkster

    Photos - MG08 and MG08/15 Machine Guns

    An MG training course group with two MG08s: Center placard dated May 1917. Unable to identify the unit, although the soldiers may be from a mix of units as the soldier to the right of the placard has a Hessian belt buckle.
  14. TheGronkster

    Photos - MG08 and MG08/15 Machine Guns

    An MG08/15 crew hurrying past ruins: I count eight soldiers, which was probably enough to operate two MG08/15 guns. Based on other photos I have seen, I think this photo may have been taken during the Second Battle of the Marne July-August 1918. Please let me know if you have seen this photo referenced anywhere else as I'm hoping to pinpoint the date & location.
  15. TheGronkster

    Photos - MG08 and MG08/15 Machine Guns

    Soldiers of Kaiser Alexander Garde-Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 1 (1st Guard Grenadier Regiment of Emperor Alexander) posing with two MG08s: Center placard is dated 13 July 1918.