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  1. BCD4


    Hi Guys anything new in this case ? It was quite a miracle for me. I've been in touch with stewy a couple of times and all this behavior seems not to be him ? regards Walle
  2. Hi Stephane what a killer-grouping!!! Normally I'm not jealous but in this case I would make an exception of the rules If you ever decide to sell this grouping, I would be happy to give it a new home regards and thx for showing Walle
  3. Hi Polux, this seems to be a hell of a grouping. Please show us the documents in detail Best regards Walle
  4. Hi Polux, these documents were superb !!! I would love to see the whole grouping from Claus if possible :-) regards Walle
  5. Hi folks, after the great thread about the wmc 2nd class I wanna show this nice grouping from my collection. It just two weeks ago since I was able to reunite it after nearly 30 years. I bought the award doc for the afrika-cufftitle in 1988 and saw after the auction that there were also the docs for the wmc and woundbadge for this soldier, but gone. Two weeks ago I saw them on Weitze's homepage and ... together again. What I recognized later is the fact, that this Lt. Ing. got both classes of the wmc at the same day. According to the regulations it has to be an outstanding activity to get awarded both classes. Here Meendsen-Bohlken awarded the second class and navy headquarter in Berlin the first class, what is absolutly correct in this case. I saw groupings with both IC's at the same day but never a wmc. Has anybody also a grouping with both classes at the same day ? regards Walle
  6. hi folks here are some other documents from my collection. A little bit from everything regards Walle
  7. Hi Polux, a killer piece indeed. I'm a little bit jeaulous regards Walle
  8. Hi Polux, you were showing very nice documents from every part - respect ! Here are my last one's. Interesting is the one from Thomas. It has the appendix 'als Erinnerinerungsabzeichen'. regards Walle Ostvölker, Verdienst, 2.Klasse silber.bmp Tapferkeit Ostvölker 2. Klasse silber.bmp
  9. Hi, this is a nice little interesting group from the 79. ID. After destroyed in Stalingrad, rebuild and 1944 destroyed again. This Soldier was part of the supllieunits of the division. What makes it interesting for me, is the award doc for the silver grade. Signed from an unknown Oberfeldarzt (sim. Lieutenant Colonel) and leader of the Divisiongruppe 79. ID regards Walle
  10. Hi folks, very interesting documents. I also like these threads about the different variants. Here are my first and my last award doc. Interesting to see, that at the last doc they used the backside of an award doc for the kubanshield to be continued regards Walle
  11. Hi StGeorge64, nice doc ! This one is from a pilot of KG 77. He was shot down over Britain during the 'battle of Britain' and mia. During the war the english red cross confirmed, that they found his dead body and buried him in England. regards Walle
  12. Hi, here is another not to often seen couple from me. A posthumos award for an Grenadier for the defend of Welikije Luki with OU Scherer. The official award doc comes with a document from the Abwicklungsstab of Gren.Rgt. 277. These were often seen as award doc itself, but you can clearly seen, that this is not true. greetings Walle
  13. Sauer stopped his activity in a front unit and joined the training school for glider pilots in Neustadt. After finishing training he got the glider pilots badge. The award document is very special cause it's a mix between first and second type. It has the new air force eagle but was printed in A4 and not as usual for the new award documents in A5. His red glider certificate with the number 66 is for Typ A gliders (10 seats). probably the spent the rest of the war there, cause no further awards were given to him. A pic from Sauer show him only wearing his glider pilot badge, his IC2 class and his wound badge. hope you will enjoy regards Walle