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  1. Yes it's true. All are not so rare but particulary interesting when together. Especialy when it is 28 years later ! Kreta armband had a rare way of wear, with little press buttons. Unique case I have ever seen.
  2. Hi all I refresh this old thread with, IMO, an interesting group I was able to reunitate partialy : at the begining, they were two stuffs of a Lw Leutnant, bought together in eastern Berlin in 1990. Inside the pocket, the name of the owner : Lt Ernst Peek, dated of october 42. Few years later, I was able to get few informations about him, by the Deusche Dienstelle of Berlin : he was a transport pilot during a big part of the war, and participated to most of the big german air operations, especialy invasion of Crete. I was happy to know all that ! And several years passed then, without novelty... ... Until september 2018, when a german auction catalog offer me the surprise to see many awards documents of this pilot ! I bought them of course. Here are they, offering a special dimension to the whole. Unfortunatly, few documents are missing, in particulary the pilot license...
  3. L 76

    Soldbuch Photos

    Great photo ! Thanks for showing it.
  4. Interesting. Ant it matchs with the "Fécamp" railways station, who was in the sector where Lw Jg. Regt. 34 was at that time. His driving licence also shows he was originaly a Lw soldier
  5. L 76

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Nice documents ! Thanks for showing.
  6. Hi all I try aslo here, in order to know if someone has, or knows where are, these two portraits of this Artillery Leutnant. Thanks !
  7. Yes, great group ! Sb. is very nice but with photos, it's a "must". Congratulations and thanks for sharing.
  8. L 76

    Soldbuch Photos

    Here is one interressant, of a Flak soldier in Italy.
  9. L 76

    Soldbuch Photos

    Nice additions !
  10. Hello all Time goes by and there is not much again on this forum ! Here is a little documents group I was able, by chance, to bring together. I owned the Soldbuch since many years, very simple and not very filled, of a joung soldier of 326.ID who was wounded in Normandie, probably during last days of july or first days of august 44. As usual, date of entry in hospital gave only a rough idea of the date of wound. But last year, I discovered some others documents with a medal on a german dealer website. These give now another dimension ! Of particular interest are the little wounded paper card, the 10. Pz SS Div. medical document, and the unusual award document for wound. His unit, Gren. Regt. 751, was badly scattered western of Caen from the 30 july after the begining of the british offensiv named "Bluecoat". The 326.ID was near completly destroyed there, and only the intervention of 21. Pz Div. and later 9. and 10. SS Div. Kpfgr. can avoid the complete drilling of the german front. This soldier was one of the thousand casualties . His injury was so seroius that he never came back to a unit, staying in hospital until june 45. But he received only the black badge, who is not entered in his Soldbuch. The two last papers concern the time of garrison in the north of France. Comments are welcome, of course.
  11. Note also that Sich. Batl. 701 and 791 were probably the same unit, in fact (after transformation or simply renumbering), as shown here buy the same number of Kriegs St. Rolle. (p. 12).
  12. Interesting document with unusual entries. This guy was probably mature for Bandenkpf. Abz. !
  13. Nice exemple, also ! I like it. And you are right : there is many stupidity in collection. We can see many examples each month.
  14. Yes, I am lucky (at least for this time) ! I never understood why so many documents groups (even great) are splittered ? Only for increasing value ?
  15. Hi all What a nice serie of Fj. documents ! I really love those related to my center of interest or not far away (Brest !). So, back to Normandie with this one : a single doc for Erdkpf. Abz. d. Lw, awarded after Normandie battle : interesting edition by Maximilian Verlag, interesting unit and nice signature !
  16. Very nice additions for your favorit unit. Congratulations, especialy of course for the RK set !
  17. Yes, nice one. Interesting unit and field.
  18. There is no strict impossibility to be an american POW number, written without its "31 G" serial index. Its not common, it's true, but it can exist. IMO, this 810.... number can be a french one. Not sure, of course. Others allied also used a numering comparable but without any index. During sommer 44 and later, their registration number are hard to distinguish.
  19. Yes, nice Sb. The entry on page 19 is very interesting. The number written on p. 1 an little paper is without any doubt a POW number. So ?
  20. Nice indeed. The lot of letters is impressive.
  21. Hello all To continue this nice thread : A classic variant for an Ofw. of 363.ID, awarded at the beginning of september 44, by Gen. Dettling. This NCO was badly wounded on 8 august 44, so he won the EK 1 during the first week of involvments of his division in southern area of Vire, in Normandie.
  22. Interessant find, with indeed a lot of potential of profit for some, I remember the case of the box with papers of SS Div. "30 Januar", found in the 90's. Where exactly, I don't remember : Halbe ? Here, the two boxes are the same one : exactly same damages on paint. I hope that one researcher will keep informations or copies of all the papers before they will be separated, like Doug Nash did with the Füs.Kp. 272 lot. His book is the reference book for 272. VGD.