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  1. My deepest condolence to Eric-Jan's family and friends, may they find the strenght to go through this difficult times.

    Rest in peace Eric-Jan.

  2. I didn't know Eric-Jan personally but I hereby want to share my sincer condolences to the family and friends of Eric-Jan Bakker. That they may find all the strenghts in these difficult times. RIP Eric-Jan.



  3. My deepest regrets on the passing off Eric-Jan, my condolence's to his family.   Rest in Pease Eric-Jan.

    Lou (PioneerRAE) 

  4. Hi Eric.  By good fortune I have the soldbuch (plus award certificates/awards) of Dieter Edmond Bonisch.  I notice your post back in 2015 had a very interesting report on him,. Is there any chance you can email me that particular report?  dereklhicks@hotmail.com.  Thanks in anticipation.  Regards Derek

  5. Hi Bart, Why not showing the young man's face / uniform portrait photo, that is shown on the other side. I do know that it is there..... Best regards Eric-Jan
  6. Hi Bart, That was one of my favorites too. Yes he did serve with the Granatwerferzug of 4.Kompanie = 4./Grenadier-Regiment 423 of the 212. Volksgrenadier-Division. As shown on his weapon training page (page 20), and his death notice in the newspaper. Best regards Eric-Jan
  7. Bart, Yes my friend that were my guys you are showing us here. I do hope that you like them as much as I did. The men who fought at Berdorf and the parc hotel are my favorites. And the men who did earn their EK2 and EK1 for the Bulge. Best regards Eric-Jan
  8. Dear Bart, I was not able to find any further information about Riebler's fate after his missing entry on page 34. May I ask you where you did find the information that he was taken pow and died in 2014. As you bought his Wehrpaß from me in 2016 you couldn't contact him earlier.... Best regards Eric-Jan
  9. Eric JB

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Hi Graham, A belated happy Birthday. That is a great family gift. I do like those silver hallmarked badges very much. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  10. Thank you Agustín. On the cabinet behind Dönitz we see a picture frame with pictures of his two sons : Peter Dönitz, Leutnant zur See, 20.03.1922 - 19.05.1943 S.E.of Cape Farewell, U-954, Crew of X/1940. Klaus Dönitz, Oberleutnant zur See, 14.05.1920 - 13.05.1944 Bourdon France Block 7, Row 8, Grave 154, Schnellboot S-141. Best regards Eric-Jan
  11. Hi Morten, Thank you very much for showing us your growing Kriegsmarine collection. Great items and great condition. Thank you for your latest composition with material from your collection, it looks really great. Best regards Eric-Jan
  12. Hi Justin, Nice one you did for the Gneisenau. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  13. Hi Ian, I do remember asking you "did you see this grouping" , you did have a look at the link I showed you and your reply was, "looked at it and bought it" Again congratulations with buying such an outstanding uboat grouping. Thank you for showing us your grouping - a real pleasure to look at, and for the informative writing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  14. Hi Morten, Thank you for showing us your Christmas related war time photos. Best regards Eric-Jan
  15. Eric JB

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Dear Ian, dear friend, A Jameson and all the best wishes. Your Dutch friend Eric-Jan