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  1. The U-Boot Prisoners of War Photographical Thread Photos that are part of a larger grouping of Rolf Krohn of U 532. Photos are taken in POW Camp 18 in 1946 Featherstone Park, England. .......a special camp so to say. Taken from the internet : Location: Haltwhistle, Northumberland Opened: 1944 Closed: Summer 1948 History "Camp 18", bordering the South Tyne river and stretching across a mile of Featherstone Park, was constructed in 1944 to accommodate US personnel prior to their departure to Normandy for the Invasion of France. Emptied of Americans, the camp was for several months used to hold Italian prisoners of war, but in 1945 it was converted to hold "Black Nazis"; the most fervent believers in Hitler's Germany, who would only be repatriated after a thorough course of denazification. It was not particular to any one section of the Reich; Wehrmacht officers, captured U-Boatmen, Luftwaffe pilots, bureaucrats, diplomats and ambassadors were all represented. The most senior resident was General Ferdinand Heim, a veteran of Stalingrad and chief of staff to the Sixth Army, captured in 1944 when his garrison defending Boulogne surrendered. Consisting of some 200 huts in four compounds, Camp 18 was one of the largest officer POW camps in Britain, at one time housing 4,000 officers and 600 orderlies. Despite the obvious challenge of making the most hardline Nazis into good citizens fit for the new Germany, the operation was an enormous success, so much so that in 1947 the barbed wire fencing around the camp was removed. It was said that the Featherstone more resembled a university campus than a POW camp; prisoners would be sent out to work on local farms during the day, but at night they would study, and received lectures from Durham, Newcastle, even some Oxford academics. It was a system that quickly prepared these men for flourishing careers in the new Germany, some even went on to play a political role in its foundation. The camp had its own chapel, theatre, library, medical centre, even a bakery and sewerage system. It had a newspaper; Die Zeit am Tyne, printed in Hexham, and, making use of the great pool of talent in the camp, it boasted three orchestras and its own puppet theate, which entertained various audiences across Northern England. Photo shows: Mar. Crew. 39. England - Featherstone Park Camp 18 1946. Hans (Jürgen) Bartch : U 57, 957, 18, 17, 1023. Hermann Lauth : U 959, 1005. POW.NO.B.105682. Roland Reche : U 254, 1224, 875. Helmut Lübke : U 1008, 541. Klaus Eggers : UD 5. POW.NO.858902. Erhard Wendelberger : U 205, 516, 450, 309, 720. POW.NO.B.105714. Hans (Rolf) Bau : U 30, 516, 721. Rolf von Bargen : U 861. (Hans) Dieter Wex : U 30, 67, 109, 516, 80, 380, 1194, 2354. POW.NO.B.105660. Rolf Krohn isn't mentioned on his own photo, but he is on the first row, third one - from right to left.
  2. Lady (Jenny, as far as I know we only have one female here on our forum) and Gentlemen, Many years ago I was able to buy a photo-album that once belonged to Oberbootsmannsmaat Rudolf Karl Grüske who served on U-281. There wasn't much information going with the photos. Knowing that the former CO. of U-281 was still alive, I was happy to be able to make contact with him. I made reproductions of the photos and asked him if he was able to help me with identifying his former crewmembers on the photos. The results were really fantastic, so many crewmember names that I did receive back from him. And not only names, but also a couple of photos and the best crew-list I have ever seen for a German Uboat as that list did even show on which war-patrols a crewmember was onboard. Btsmt. Rudolf Grüske, Seem.Nr.2, Wachtmeister Indienststellung U281, Bremen-Vegesack 27.02.43 (Briefstempel “Uboote Nordsee”, Stempel “Personliches Andenken”) v.l.n.r. IIWO. ObFähnr.z.S. Erwin Schumacher IWO. Lt.zS. Hermann Neumeister Kmdt. Oblt.z.S. Heinz von Davidson LI. Lt.(Ing.) Hans-G Schwessinger
  3. Hi Bart, Why not showing the young man's face / uniform portrait photo, that is shown on the other side. I do know that it is there..... Best regards Eric-Jan
  4. Hi Bart, That was one of my favorites too. Yes he did serve with the Granatwerferzug of 4.Kompanie = 4./Grenadier-Regiment 423 of the 212. Volksgrenadier-Division. As shown on his weapon training page (page 20), and his death notice in the newspaper. Best regards Eric-Jan
  5. Bart, Yes my friend that were my guys you are showing us here. I do hope that you like them as much as I did. The men who fought at Berdorf and the parc hotel are my favorites. And the men who did earn their EK2 and EK1 for the Bulge. Best regards Eric-Jan
  6. Dear Bart, I was not able to find any further information about Riebler's fate after his missing entry on page 34. May I ask you where you did find the information that he was taken pow and died in 2014. As you bought his Wehrpaß from me in 2016 you couldn't contact him earlier.... Best regards Eric-Jan
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    Hi Graham, A belated happy Birthday. That is a great family gift. I do like those silver hallmarked badges very much. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  8. Thank you Agustín. On the cabinet behind Dönitz we see a picture frame with pictures of his two sons : Peter Dönitz, Leutnant zur See, 20.03.1922 - 19.05.1943 S.E.of Cape Farewell, U-954, Crew of X/1940. Klaus Dönitz, Oberleutnant zur See, 14.05.1920 - 13.05.1944 Bourdon France Block 7, Row 8, Grave 154, Schnellboot S-141. Best regards Eric-Jan
  9. Hi Morten, Thank you very much for showing us your growing Kriegsmarine collection. Great items and great condition. Thank you for your latest composition with material from your collection, it looks really great. Best regards Eric-Jan
  10. Hi Justin, Nice one you did for the Gneisenau. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  11. Hi Ian, I do remember asking you "did you see this grouping" , you did have a look at the link I showed you and your reply was, "looked at it and bought it" Again congratulations with buying such an outstanding uboat grouping. Thank you for showing us your grouping - a real pleasure to look at, and for the informative writing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  12. Hi Morten, Thank you for showing us your Christmas related war time photos. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    Dear Ian, dear friend, A Jameson and all the best wishes. Your Dutch friend Eric-Jan
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    Dear friends, Stewy and Morten, Gentlemen, Happy Birthday, with all the best wishes, and many more good ones for the future. Your Dutch friend Eric-Jan
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    Happy Birthday Nick (Eifel1945) Best regards Eric-Jan
  16. Last items of 2014 Bought on 28.12.2014. Stamp dated : 1.4.1964......belated best wishes...... A somehow different Rogge signature here.
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    Happy Birthday Lou. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    Sally who, no its Dally, yep Duhhhh, no Do, hmmmmmm ? First of all, a warm welcome on the Historical War Militaria Forum. I do hope that you will enjoy to stay around here with us. Congratulations with your book. I do like the Christmas card page with the personal note by Rogge and the photo very much. Your translation is correct. und Frieden auf Erden ! Erich Kühn I.O. der "Atlantis" Weihnachten 1961 A nice crisp and clear signature of Bernhard Rogge 1961 Kiel ? bei seiner Ansprache "Atlantis" Treffen 1961 Kiel ? during his speech "Atlantis" meeting Thank you for showing us your book on our forum. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    U-Boot Prisoners of War

    Agustín, Great photo and ..... new to me. Thanks for posting my friend. Again, eagles gone, awards still present. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    Gentlemen, Agustín, Kevin, Alberto and Pierce, friends, I thank you for your kind words and good wishes, do know that they are much apprecited and received with a great thank you. Best wishes for you all, your Dutch friend Eric-Jan
  25. Alberto my friend, thank you for showing us your nice uboat grouping. You know that I am interested in Uboats that did battle with aircraft. 1 patrol, no ships sunk. 22.6.1944 Left Kiel for Norwegian waters. U-994 was one of five boats sent out in June to relieve "Mitte Group Boats" They were to stand by off southern Norway, between Trondheim and Lindesnes, to counter any invasion threat. On 17.7.1944 U-994 had five crewmen wounded in an aircraft attack, which also damaged the boat. She put into Bergen 17.7.1944. 17 Jul 1944 The boat was attacked by a Norwegian Mosquito aircraft (Sqdn 333/L). Some damage, and five wounded. The boat reached Bergen the same day. 27.7.1944 Left Bergen and arrived Vallöy 28.7.1944. U-994 returned to Kiel to undergo repairs. From 24.07.1944 until 10.12.1944 U-994 made a number of escort patrols to Norwegian ports and back. She joined the 11.U.Flottille at Bergen in September 1944 and later moved to the 13.U-Flottille at Trondheim. She was non-operational at both units and was surrendered at Trondheim on 9.5.1945. Information taken from U-994 KTB. 22.6.1944 leaving base in Kiel, for operations in the Norwegian coastal waters. 25.6.1944 Gruppe "Raubritter" operational area AN35, anti-invasion West of Norway. 16.7.1944 Gruppe "Raubritter" position AF87. 17.7.1944 attacked by aircraft position AN24. 17.7.1944 attacked by aircraft near Bergen, 5 crewmembers wounded. Der Befehlshaber der U-Boote : Short patrol, apart from aircraft attack on 7.10., no combat operations and attack possibilities. Aircraft attack was well and properly repelled, the hit aircraft may not have reached its base. From "Ultra Versus U-Boats: Enigma Decrypts in the National Archives" U-994 on its first patrol under command of Oberleutnant zur See Volker Melzer. Off southern Norway on 17 July it was attacked by Mosquito VI serial HF710 of 333 (Norwegian) Squadron flown from Sumburgh in the Shetlands by Lieutenant R. Leitle. The pilot opened fire with his four cannon and four machine-guns before dropping two depth charges. The U-boat was damaged and five crewmembers were wounded, but it managed to reach Bergen on the same day.