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  1. Hello Jim, thank you very much for your help!! I lost my hope after some weeks.... so which corps is it? Do you know maybe?
  2. Hello, please could anyone help me with this photo? I suppose it is French but I am not sure and I don't know how to classify it. I am quite sure it is not italian but... can't say more.... I hope someone could help me. Thank you very much
  3. Dege

    Unknown Italian Medal ?

    Welcome Martin! These medals are my history so... hope to help you for any italian medal! Have a nice evening
  4. Dege

    Some German photos...

    Hello Thank you for your replies and compliments! I am not very expert about these, I found them in a very large lot of italians and I did not insert them in collection, could you help me for a classification, please? I will be glad to post some italian photos... Have a nice evening
  5. Dege

    Unknown Italian Medal ?

    P.P.S. I found myself the reply, your cross is not silver since it does not have the 800 stamp so...... I am not an expert, but I become having some doubts...
  6. Dege

    Unknown Italian Medal ?

    *blue and white... is it possible to modify a message
  7. Dege

    Unknown Italian Medal ?

    P.S. I forgot to say that it is a rare cross, it should be in silver, if not I supposte it is not original, from my point of view that blue and with wire is.... strange....
  8. Dege

    Unknown Italian Medal ?

    Here yours.... it is called "croce di ghiaccio" (Ice cross) but yours seems to be damaged since it is any more enameled http://www.mymilitaria.it/liste/croce_ghiaccio_argento.htm Hope you will find it useful.....
  9. Dege

    Unknown Italian Medal ?

    Very Nice! Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in Russia = CSIR , italian army in Russia.... here some examples similar http://www.museonazionalemorandi.it/categoria.aspx?idcategoria=8
  10. Dege


    Thank you
  11. Dege


    Hello and thank you for welcome!! PNF is Partito Nazional Fascista = Italian National Fascist Party . It is the period after ww1 to ww2 (Mussolini). This period has nice medals, but I am not exactly interested in ww2. I prefer much more hardback foto of late XIX century and nearly XX, just one example for you all.... Bye
  12. Hello all, first of all, I have to say that my collection consists especially of italian photos so I don't think you would be interested in. However I separated some pieces I think you will be more interested in. Unfortunately these are not of my interested (I already have too many interests ) so I hope you can help me with them! Some are undoubtedly German, others... I am not really sure.... Thank you in advance for any reply attachment=72173:foto034.jpg]
  13. Dege


    Hello Stewy, I am particularly fond of ancient hardback photographs and PNF medals
  14. Dege


    Hi there, I am a new user from Italy. I have recently found your nice forum because I am still learning this subject and I have a lot to ask you. I hope you will be able to help me and to enlarge my knowledge :) . Best regards Federico