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  1. Hello gentlemen, I would like to share with you this helmet of the "Paulista" model of the Brazilian civil war of 1932. During that war, steel helmets were used for the first time in Brazil. When the war between the state of São Paulo and the federal government of Brazil, São Paulo began to prepare for the conflict. With that, São Paulo started making steel helmets based on 2 helmets from the first war that a Brazilian collector had brought to Brazil. Three different models were manufactured at the same time: one based on MKI and two based on Adrian. One of the two models based on Adrian had its design changed by São Paulo. That is why it was called the "paulista" model. You can see little difference at the top of the helmet. The war only lasted approximately 3 months. São Paulo lost militarily, but won some political victories. I got this helmet from a distant relative of a veteran who served with the forces of São Paulo. It had been stored since the war when the family decided to see it with other old items. I just bought the helmet. It has two significant damages: One on the outside front, and another that looks like it came from the "inside out" direction. I hope you enjoyed. And I would like to hear your opinions about this helmet and its strange marks. Thanks!
  2. Correcting an error: The correct thing about the inscriptions on the helmet is: "They are:" January 1988 "," May '89. This helmet was used in January 88 "and also" guja ".
  3. The Serbian helmet has a shaved red star and some Bosnian inscriptions on the inside. They are: "January 1988", "May '89. This helmet was used in January 88" and also "gluttony". I don't know what the last one means. On the front flap, it says: "II S V" with pen and "P7Z", crossed out on top. I don't know what conflicts this type of helmet was used for. Would you have any good ideas? The other helmet is a German model from DDR. It was a model used during the Croatian war by the Croats, together with other models of helmets. There is an inscription on the liner that I can't quite understand ... I would appreciate any help! I hope you enjoyed it and would like to know your impressions and what you think !!! Thanks
  4. Hello sir, I got this medal from a lot of medals from a 2nd World War veteran. I am Brazilian and as far as I know this is not a Brazilian medal. her verse is completely "smooth" It is similar to Chile's "Minerva Medal". But still her design is very different I hope you can help me. I appreciate your opinions