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    SS worn/tunic removed runes collar tabs & SS signed photo's

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  1. Baldy1939

    SS Deutschland Regiment

    I have already praised this on WRF & it is a very nice photo , but it would look a lot better in my collection
  2. Baldy1939

    SS Police Diamonds

    This is the one Dave is referring too , sorry Dave but i just had too have it
  3. Baldy1939

    Show us your Waffen-SS Photographs

    Here are 3 of mine , the first shows the rarer cloth billed visor & the one in the rikker case is 12" x 9"
  4. Baldy1939

    12. SS-Pz.Div. Video

    very nice Bart , let us know what it is like when you have watched it
  5. Baldy1939

    SS Cufftitle thread

    well i suppose it won't hurt too post mine again so here is my tunic removed flatwire PE & both my Hitlerjugend's with one also being tunic removed & BeVo LAH , Polizei & a tunic removed Heydrich
  6. Baldy1939

    SS Cufftitle thread

    very nice cuff John
  7. Baldy1939

    SS Cufftitle thread

    some nice cuffs there Jim , mine are already posted on here , so thought better not post them again
  8. Baldy1939

    Maria Theresia collar tab

    Very nice tab Kev & let me tell you , it won't be your last
  9. I have just managed to secure this nice SS Totenkopf Dog Tag , hope you like it I
  10. well i too thought i'd add a bit of hunour
  11. Mauro , it was just my understanding that the Polizei cuffs are not in the top choice for collectors , however i still like them , hence why i bought this one when it came up
  12. Thanks again Mauro , not that desirable , but just had too have it