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  1. Try Wehrmacht Awards Forum for research, you will have to join. Back in the 80s, 90s if I remember correctly a lot of these were run off the original machines therefore undermining the Assman eagle? It is for all intents and puspposes original just when it was struck would be the issue. Best Rich
  2. Mate, I have no idea which maker, I think it is ok but there is a very good well known fake! I suggest you try Wehrmacht Awards Forum for an accurate assessment from EK spotters! Best Rich
  3. Yes the problem you have is that these Assman marked eagles are mostly fake. I don't know the detail to hand, you will have to do a search yourself. Best Rich
  4. Hi, what is on the back of the breast eagle , is it an Assman logo perhaps? Best Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    Odd Lippe doc/post

    Transpires promotion within the civil area acorrding to this chap on WAF: Nice Document. Dr. med. Forst in Bückeburg was appointed to a Sanitätsrat.KRStephan
  6. Richard Auld

    Odd Lippe doc/post

    Thanks Graham, found this too, some sort of honour for a Dr Frost. https://docplayer.org/46137593-Mein-fiskalischer-lieblingsbeleg-ach-das-war-eben-schaumburg-lippe-heinz-k-selig.html Rich
  7. Richard Auld

    Odd Lippe doc/post

  8. Guys, just got this from a pal, not quite sure what it is, post card of the bloke is inside the otherwise blank document. It looks like it was posted? Rich
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    Discs Various

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    Discs Various

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    Discs Various

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    Discs Various

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    Discs Various

  15. Richard Auld

    Discs Various

    Kev , there's more. Yes over time but most from before they were fashionable. I posted a lot of these on WRF many moons ago and am now just working through the attic when I get a few hours.