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  1. another item dies a death on this forum
  2. had these a while and didn't post them here, two zuckerman helmets for the fire guard, first with a transfer
  3. other ranks g/m 1908, other ranks w/m collar, OSD Collar
  4. Jerry B

    Denbighshire Hussars

    had this a while but forgot to post it here.
  5. sorry I can't help you, never seen the like before, does it have any military markings, AM or WD arrow?
  6. any chance of better close up pics of the markings and the body of the flag? Wartime flags usually have obvious signs of the weave in the fabric
  7. Graham, that is a MKI lug which were fitted to MKI helmet shells to produce the helmet MKI* as well as on some MKII's made during the late 1930's and into WWII. this type was never used during the great war. the three type of helmet lugs used;
  8. comparison between usa and uk made mki's, is easiest to see by the lugs
  9. some of these badges were made in such low numbers that they are almost hand made one offs for each badge. This Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry badge is very much of the same type, hand made in low numbers, each one an individual badge
  10. A recent addition, my last badge purchase before the end of 2020. Never seen a pair before, only miss matched singles
  11. textbook WWI british made MKI, lots of these were issued to the Americans before they made enough of their own type the M1917
  12. this forum is very quiet these days, so no surprise you have had no responses.
  13. I think the dunkirk medal is the only one I had previously heard of.