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  1. Michael1000

    Soldbuch Photos

    Have I ever showed this one? No awards but they would give him a good table in every restaurant anyway 😊
  2. Michael1000

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Here is such a document I have. Also the paper is very thick. With my group came a short explanation. Apparently many of those soldiers destroyed their soldbücher because they were affraid to be caught by partisanen. Perhaps later when their unit was dissolved in relatively good order they got their wehrpässe and already knew that there was not much danger so they kept them. Was your guy a PAK gunner? That was an important and interesting job at the same time but for some reason a bit overlooked by collectors.
  3. On the back of the DL it gives FP Nr. 13268 so apparently in March 1944 he was already with Werfer Regiment 83. This looks like a totally interesting and fine soldbuch to me. I also have a soldbuch to a gunner in a Beobachtungsabteilung who received an EK2 in September 1944 and it also mentions SS Pz. Korps. No idea why but perhaps they were awarding EK2 for soldiers of support units who fought with them.
  4. Michael1000

    Some Cheap Stuff

    7. Some pins of ships, of course made after the war EUR 10 8. Some Finnish badge, no idea what it is EUR 5 9. Medal for 13. März 1938 EUR 20 10. Medal Volkspflege EUR 25 11. Badge 1941 Hrvatska Legija EUR 50 (can also send this registered) 12. KVK2 with piece of packing paper EUR 20
  5. Michael1000

    Some Cheap Stuff

    I have some stuff lying around here which I don't need and therefore try to move for low prices. Ok, I am the seller so I will always claim to have low prices 😊 But I try to be really fair here. I will ship by regular mail to keep it simple, if you don't receive an item I will refund. It is in the end cheaper and simpler than tons of registered letters. Prices include Paypal and normal shipping. 1. Two Kragenspiegel of a Leutnant of the Flak. Scans make them appear a bit pinkish but they are red. EUR 15 2. Two shoulderboards. EUR 15 3. Piece of black fabric with an eagle EUR 10 4. Medal Romanian Crussade agains Communism EUR 15 5. Some Finnish WW2 medal EUR 15 6. A star for a Frontflugspange EUR 15
  6. Here is one that fits in here too. This Leutnant was a member of Pz. Abt. 206. This unit was equipped with older French tanks and was unfortunate enough to be in Normandy when the Invasion started. Because of that the unit is a bit better known but of course with its relatively weak equipment it is a strange unit. I read in the internet that one German commander used it to bolster the moral of the troops by letting them hear the sound of tank engines near them but made sure that they did not actually see the tanks. If that is true or if those older French tanks had the same sound like Tigers is unknown to me but in the end it is better to have an old tank than no tank at all I guess ?. Anyway, what the task of this Leutnant was is unknown to me. The soldbuch is a second issue and he saw lots of action in Africa during 1941 & 42. He managed to go to Africa in 1941 and 1942 and made it out both times which is also quite uncommon. Later he found himself with this poor tank unit which was apparently closely connected to the 716. Infanterie Division as there are a lot of stamps of that unit in the soldbuch too.
  7. Michael1000

    A special plane in the end

    Thanks all for the replies. He was too late for Cholm as he arrived at the front only beginning of 1942 and was over Cholm only after the siege. Attached two urkunden. Ratisbons also sold at least the one for the Ehrenpokal once so I guess the group must once have been very complete. I have none of the more exoctic documents, only the earlier ones. Very fortunately there is also a lot of info available on the pilot on the internet, e.g. here: http://www.ghostbombers.com/recon/234/F100/1F100_6.html
  8. Michael1000

    Panzerkampfabzeichen Silber

    Thanks for the feedback ... unfortunate but it is what it is.
  9. Michael1000

    A special plane in the end

    And here is a painting of the plane with which he made his first jet-flight: T5+BH. Credits go to this page: http://wp.scn.ru/en/ww2/b/444/2/1 Where they got the info of the paint scemes from is not mentined however. Later he would also fly T5+EH and Werknummern 140602, 140605 and 14060?
  10. Dear all, I have started a bit to reduce the amount of items in my tradebox. Among them is this Panzerkampfabzeichen in Silber. I had 5 different ones initially and this is the only one which is still here. So far nobody wanted it so I wondered if something is wrong with it. Does one of you know if it is good or now? Many thanks!
  11. Michael1000

    A special plane in the end

    And finally very close to the end. He is already wearing his 200 clasp. A few months later the war would be over.
  12. Michael1000

    A special plane in the end

    Getting olders, a little celebration after his 100th frontflight where he is showing to the others how it is done ... On the other pictures he is already wearing the EK1. Typical for LW aircrew he is wearing the EK1 only on his jacket.
  13. Michael1000

    A special plane in the end

    Some of the planes of his career, the BF-110 is showing the markings of his unit.
  14. Michael1000

    A special plane in the end

    As a youngster ... planes are getting better slowly ...