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    I'm interested in named naval stuff from WW2. Right now, I'm trying to find named objects from the Axis fleets.

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    Thank you very much!
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    Some of my holiday snaps.

    Gorgeous pictures!
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    Hello! I realize I forgot to do this, but...hello . I'm collecting objects from named ships. Though I have a decent collection from the Allies, I'm looking for stuff from Axis ships, which could be harder since a good number of them didn't survive the war. Thanks and I look forward to being a part of this fun community.
  4. For my stuff, I use shadow boxes for the bulkier, unwieldy artifacts and stands for my ashtrays.
  5. Hello! I'm a bit new to this forum, but I heard this is a good place to look for stuff. I'm in the market for Kriegsmarine-era Schiffwappens, but they're so hard to find. I'm looking for schiffswappens from these ships: -Admiral Hipper-class (mostly Blucher or Admiral Hipper, though I prefer the former more since he was a cooler historical figure ) -Deutschland-class (anything but Graf Spee) -Scharnhorst-class Feel free to reply on this thread or private message me. We can discuss business further from here. I might ask members of this forum to scrutinize the pieces to ensure authenticity. Thanks!