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    5. Fallschirmjäger Division documents related to the battle of Prüm (Germany). February / March 1945.

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  1. Erg mooie groep Bart. Doet me denken aan een VWA document wat ik ooit had van het 9e VGD. Dat is toen in een monument bij Schumann's Eck (Lux) gebruikt.
  2. Hi guys, I search for documents of the 5. Fallschirmjäger Division related to the battle of Prüm (Germany) in February / March 1945. For the most part Soldbucher and Wehrpasses. Or deathcards and photographs. Everything is welcome. Also items related to the 2nd Panzer Division and 326 and 18th Volksgrenadier Division with a 1945 connection. I also look for US documents in this time frame. Units: 4th Infantry Division and 11th Armored. Not just original material but also After Action reports and such are welcome. There every bit of material and information is used for research purposes. Thanks in advance, Nick Trommelen
  3. Don't know if this is the right thread to put this in but here something unusual. Bought some lamps yesterday for my antique business and amongst them was this nice Art-Deco style desklamp. Dirty, missing the electrical wire, switch and in parts, I restored it yesterday and before putting it online I checked the bottom. I reads ppg 44, 6303/61D, sJG33. Thinking perhaps its something of Idell or Bauhaus I checked google and was happily astonished when I found out it was a so called Kommandantur Schreibtischlampe from 1944. Made out of aluminum and bakelite. You all understand its decorating my livingroom as we speak. Kind regards, Nick
  4. Well, I am the one left speechless. Just leaving know for Prüm / Eifel for the next three days but I try to get back to you as soon as possible. I would be very eager to hear more information. A big thank you to Eric-Jan Bakker for contacting me regarding this post because lately I don't have the time anymore to search the web. PS. I see I never posted a recent discovery on this forum but if you look close at the picture with the POW's in shelter behind the Tank Destroyer, the second guy from the right has to be Gunther Adler if I am not mistaken. A big thank you for your post and I will contact you as soon as possible. Best regards from the Netherlands, Nick
  5. Hello Luft! 1000 times sorry for my late reply, I was on holiday and after that had a lot of work to do. That being said, thank you very much for that information! Couldn't have found that out on my own. Merci!
  6. I really can't stand it. There are so many names mentioned in this book. Just looked again for an half an hour but just looking radomly in this (good but) unordered book, is hopeless. He isn't mentioned in Frühbeißers book as well. But thats mainly about the FJR 9. Damn! As said I found simple Jägers, Uffz's and Feldwebels back in these books without problems... and then you have a (quite highly) decorated Obltn. and nothing can be found.
  7. Well, I am left suprised. I can't find him back in the IST-STELLENBESETZUNG of the 3. FJD. Were even Oberjägers and Feldwebels are mentioned in it. Almost everybody who had a "leading" function. And by the looks of it your guy didn't sat on his ass during the war... Perhaps he is mentioned in the book itself. But that are 700 unordered pages.
  8. Damn that is a nice catch Bart! I will make myself a cup of coffee and will then open some of my 3. FJD books. I would be suprised if he isn't mentioned in it.
  9. Well don't blame me for deleting the pictures. Blame a guy from India (I believe) who stole them and decorated his website with my photo's. = that's not the reason I bought a 2000,- camera or posted them on this forum. I thought it was safe to post these kind of photo's without copyright, but even I am wrong sometimes. Although putting copyright on an item isn't waterproof either. So... sorry.
  10. Thats some astonishing research my friend, thank you very much for that. I also searched and searched on a detail map but without result. Yes probably he was taken POW somewhere near that area. Or perhaps suffered from a direct hit, who would know. Bart, thanks for tracking down the family. Actualy I am not planning to keep this WP, there its not in my area of interest. I don't think I will try to contact them. But if I sell the group I will make sure the new owner gets this information, and he can use this information to research this group further. Don't het me wrong ofcourse, I am very interested in the 2nd Panzer Division, but only a few months later: February 1945. Best regards, Nick
  11. Hello gents, This morning I was able to find this nice WP on the fair in Ciney. The Wehrpass belongs to a member of the 2nd Panzer Division - 4. / Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 2. He was wounded two times in Russia, upperleg and left eye - and was awarded with the Verwundeten Abzeichen in Schwarz, and the Bronce Panzerkampf Abzeichen. He got back with his unit in early 1944 and were he served with the 4. Kompanie till he was missing in action on 13 August 1944, near "Romes" / France. Unfortunately I can't find this location, but due to the date this was probably somewhere in the Falaise region? Perhaps someone can shed some more light on this subject. I also can't find him on Volksbund. My best regards, Nick
  12. Thank you both guys for the help. Couldn't find that one out on my own. Well it certainly made my day and is an nice bonus to my collection. Sorry EJ I didn't posted the deathcard before. I didn't want to jump to fast to conclusions. Hopefully the future will bring more information about this guy, and why he earned the Ehrenblattspange. Nice evening, Nick
  13. Excellent information as always my friend. Thank you. Yes thats the man I was hoping to be the Ehrenblatt des Heeres winner... There I have his deathcard in my collection. After I had documented my Eifel related deathcard collection, I was searching his name on google. And without much expectations a Lt. Georg Schmid came up as a winner of the Ehrenblatt des Heeres. Serving in the 212th VGD / GR320. Only I was not sure my "deathcard" served in the 212th, although I was quite certain of it while looking at his place of death. There the "Hauptverbandplatz" Helenenberg was one of the largest and also used for wounded soldiers of the 212th in the southern shoulder of the Bulge. But now I see you have identified that my guy served in the GR320. Excellent! Now the question is... is it safe to asume that the guy on my deathcard is the Ehrenblatt des Heeres winner mentioned on AxisHistory? I know the last name Schmid is often used. But I think its a small chance that there where 2 Lt's Georg Schmid in the same Regiment or... am I wrong here? Best regards, Nick
  14. Hello, Long time no see. I was wondering if there is some information about Leutnant Georg Schmid. This page on AxisHistory mentions him earning the Ehrenblatt des Heeres - probably during the Battle of the Bulge. http://www.axishistory.com/150-germany-heer/heer-divisionen/4250-212-volksgrenadier-division - Schmid, Georg, 00.00.1945, Leutnant d.R., 3./Gren.Rgt. 320 (212.VGD) Is there more information to be found regarding this Lt. ? Date of birth or a photo would be excellent, but all help is appreciated. Best regards, Nick