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  1. Hello everyone, I got these enamelled badges on an auction and in spite of my best efforts, I cannot identify them, but they do have similar elements to many Italian WW2 badges. If anyone has any ideas on what they could be, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all. I won these badges on an auction. I'm fairly certain they're reproductions but I'm still interested in finding out what they're reproductions of. The only one I can identify is the first one, which is obviously 4th Armored Division (Which is why I put this thread in the US armed forces section) The fifth one looks a bit like the German 1st Mountain Division but the border is a little different (But maybe that's just because it's a bad reproduction). As for the rest, I have no clue, and Google wasn't very helpful, so any help identifying these badges would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.