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  1. All: I am a new member. Here are some images of my KM collection. I will post more images in the near future. Best regards, John
  2. Mathias: That is an absolutely stunning Souval KC, thank you for sharing with the Forum. Your cross is a thing of beauty. I hope to add a KC like yours to my collection one day. Best regards, John R.
  3. Tony T-S: Beautiful Souval RK, thank you for sharing with the Forum. Love to have one like that in my collection. Best regards, John R.
  4. Nick: Hello! That is a super 57er grouping from a U-Boat Commander. Thank you for sharing your collection with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  5. John R.

    Small German Eagle.

    Sonderbefehls:: Nice Eagle, thank you for sharing with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  6. All: For you review (see attachment) is a 1960 reissued RK by Rudolf Souval, Wien. I will post reverse of cross as soon as possible. This jeweler did not produce RK during WWII, but did afterwards. I purchased this reissued RK from Thomas Huss in September of 2018. This particular cross was made with swastika for veteran.
  7. Nick: Thank you for your comments. I am very happy you like the cross as much as do. It is the closest I am going to come to owning a WWII period Knights Cross. First I will remove the existing loop and ribboni and then start looking for the correct loop and ribbon for Souval Cross. Best regards, John R.
  8. John R.

    Post war Souval RK

    Mathias and Steve: Hello! Thank you for sharing your crosses with the Forum. Your crosses are in great condition. I agree, the Souval is the closest I will come to owning a period cross. I just recently posted my 1960 re-issued cross by Souval. Much for me to learn about the crosses made by Souval. Thank you once again for sharing your militaria and being valued members of the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  9. John R.

    Iron Cross

    Jim: Thank you for sharing with the Forum, three outstanding pieces. Always a pleasure to see pieces from your collection. Best regards, John
  10. KM-Norway: Hello! It is always a pleasure to visit your post. Thank you for continuing to share your collection with the Forum. Best regards, John R.
  11. Dear Sir: Looks like a big restoration challenge, I believe you are well on your way with reaping Eagles. I look forward to seeing updates. Best regards, John R.
  12. All: Here are two photographs of maker mark L/58 on my Souval RK. It was hard to get a good photo of maker mark, but very clear with a 10x. Sorry for the crappy photos. Best regards, John
  13. All: I never looked, but the cross is maker marked L/58 on reverse side under loop at 12 o'clock. I took photos, but my laptop is having issues. I will post pictures as soon as possible. Best regards, John R.
  14. All: Here are two (front and reverse) photos of my 1960 Souval reissued cross for your examination. This cross is not marked. Best regards, John R.
  15. Mark: 

    I see you visited my post, but I do not see your comment about 1960 reissued Cross. I vale feedback, hope to read your comment soon.

    Best regards,

    John R.

    1. John R.

      John R.


      I just figured it out; I greatly appreciate the "like" regarding reissued RK. 

      Thank you,


  16. John R.

    KM Collection - Display

    All: Not long ago I added six authentic KM marked egg holders, enjoy photographs. Best regards, John R.
  17. John R.

    KM Collection - Display

    All: Longtime no post, for your review is an authentic EKI/EKII lapel pin. This piece has been in my collection for many years. Best regards, John R.
  18. John R.

    Tips for beginner collector

    Marlow80: Hello! Welcome to HWMF, very good questions. Our fellow Forum members have provided you great direction on sources for purchasing militaria, as well as researching and networking. This Forum has a great thread regarding the care/storage/display of paper, cloth, metal, etc. militaria pieces. Remember "If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is." and "buy the piece not the story." Best regards, John R.
  19. John R.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all

    JustinG: Hello my friend! Thank you for thoughtful Thanksgiving message to the Forum. Kindest regards, John R.
  20. John R.

    Dinky Stuka 721

    Sonderbefehls: Hello! Thank you for sharing your toy Stuka with the Forum. I just saw your Spitfire, great toys. I am going to ask Santa for one each this Christmas. R/s, John R..
  21. John R.

    Some Grossdeutschland Stuff

    FBB: Hello! Thank you for continuing to share your collection with the Forum. R/s, John R.
  22. John R.

    My "starting" collection

    Marlow80: Hello! Thank you for sharing your piece with the Forum, nice start. I agree with Adam S., nice PPSH. Best regards, John R.
  23. Mike: Hello! Thank you for sharing your badges and their presentation boxes with Forum, well done. Best regards, John R.
  24. Adam S.: Hello! Thank for sharing more of your collection with the Forum, well done. Your displays are fantastic. Best regards, John R.
  25. John R.

    My Little room

    Lucabmroma: Hello! Thank you for sharing your collection with the Forum, nicely displayed pieces. Best regards, John R.