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  1. Hello alifrafikkhan,

    I am active in the historical research of the journal Schwerterträger. In our latest magazine we present the Knight's Cross bearer "Adelbert Schulz", but we are still missing some high quality photos. We found a picture with the watermark "fakatona" on this portal:


    We can't contact Jaime who posted the photo. We also tried writing to "fakatona" through another portal. But this one doesn't allow messages either. We have already noticed you with your expertise in several such portals. Maybe they have contact to "Jaime" or "fakatona". In such a case, could you forward our request to Him. We would like to print the photo linked above in the highest possible resolution and without watermark in our magazine.  We will provide you with up to 5 magazines about his biographies (of course only after publication). I hope that we can come to an agreement.

    Bernd Nissen

  2. Hi Jaime, this is the later Charakter als General der Infanterie Hans Sehmsdorf (1876-1936), a PLMträger
  3. Additional pic of Josef Pöhs
  4. Additional pic from Johannes Streich Ritterkreuz award ceremony. Streich would be awarded the Knight’s Cross for the actions of his regiment during latter stages of the Battle of France. The British were trying to evacuate their soldiers from the small community of Veules-les-Roses, just east of Le Havre. Streich’s Panzer-Regiment 15 attempted to enter the town on 11 June but accurate AT fire prevented this. Streich decided on a night attack, and the gamble paid off. By the morning of the 12th Streich’s panzers were firing on the remaining Allied ships in the harbour, and the soldiers that had not been evacuated surrendered. Streich’s regiment claimed to have taken 26,000 English and French prisoners, including the French division commander Général Durant and two brigade commanders. Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3066422603368067&set=gm.811002686061839&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  5. Another pictures for the Ritterkreuz award ceremony of Karl Jörß
  6. Wagner and Gille with SS-Obersturmbannführer August Dieckmann (Kommandeur I.Bataillon / SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Germania" / SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Wiking")
  7. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for SS-Oberführer Jürgen Wagner (Kommandeur SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment "Germania" / SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Wiking") on 24 July 1943 in the Eastern Front. The medal was awarded by SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Herbert-Otto Gille (Kommandeur SS-Panzergrenadier-Division "Wiking") . Gille used his own Ritterkreuz as the presentation piece! Source: http://historyofthewaffenss.com/community/knights-cross-holders-main-discussion/ss-brigadefuhrer-jurgen-wagner-rk-award-ceremony/#post-78
  8. Another picture of Heinrich Kodré
  9. Major Wilhelm Knetsch (Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 545 / 389.Infanterie-Division) receives the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (Knight’s Cross of the Iron Crosses) from General der Panzertruppe Friedrich Paulus (Oberbefehlshaber 6. Armee). Stalingrad, 15 October 1942. Knetsch already received the radio news about his award from 8 October 1942.
  10. 20 June 1943: Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Hauptmann Ernst Böhm (Chef 7.Batterie / II.Abteilung / Flak-Regiment 241 (motorisiert) / 15.Flak-Division).
  11. Ritterkreuz award ceremony for Kapitän zur See Friedrich Böhme (video)
  12. Another pic from the Ritterkreuzverleihung of Paul Hausser