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  1. Hello all, I just joined this forum and thought maybe someone in here could help me out with this Soldbuch. It looks like this guy joined the 2./Pz.Jäg. Abt 277 somewhere in the end of august or beginning of September 1944. The Soldbuch itself lists on page 8 that he received equipment from the Pz.Jäg.Stug.Abt 1574 on Page 8 and an iron Ration issued by Pz.Jäg.Stug.Abt 1277 on Page 14. My question is would this guy then be assigned with the Stug unit or was he a normal Panzerjäger? I was wondering as they just entered the term Pz.Jäg.Abt 277 on page 17? Furthermore does anyone know what kind of Stugs or self propelled guns they used ? Thanks in advance and best regards Küstenflieger
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    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

    Thanks a lot for your reply’s, is anyone able to tell me what kind of clothing it is that I highlighted in yellow ?
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    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

    Thanks Richard, I checked Lexikon der Wehrmacht but it doesn’t really say anything about the structure of the Abteilung