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  1. The markings are from left to right: [broad arrow] 1942 [some kind of badge/logo] LT W.D. RN373438 “WD” and “RN” seem fairly self evident. I’m hoping that number might be the key.
  2. Here’s one - the markings are a little hard to make out. I’ll take some better pics when I get home. Thanks for replying, by the way.. I’d really love to find out about it.
  3. Hey guys! I’m trying to find out some history on a RN ensign I just bought. It’s dated 1942, stamped with WD and the broad arrow, and has “RN 373438” stamped on the bunting along with some kind of badge/crest/logo. I’m hoping that that number links it to a particular vessel. It allegedly came from an RN “torpedo unit” according to the vendor. I’d love to know it’s history, and if anyone can tell me what vessel it came off. It’s also 168cm long, for reference.