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  1. Mathijs T.

    Werner Machold grouping

    How could I have missed these .... I'm spending way to little time here it seems .... great LW group !!!!
  2. Mathijs T.


    Some great pieces .... as 57er KC collector, much appreciated !
  3. Mathijs T.

    1957 German Medal Collection

    Indeed, do show us more .... the numbered GAB's are mid to mid-late production though.
  4. Perfect example - nice to see they are being appreciated more and more !
  5. Mathijs T.

    Souval Marine Frontspange......

    Difficult one - it gives me mixed feelings .... I wouldn't buy unless dirt cheap. - mark (1) = should not be found on this badge ( these are unmarked or if marked, only L/58 ) - pin = looks good ( like I've seen before on early badges ) - hinge block = consistent with known examples - catch = not seen before - overall condition = seems like on the edges ( contours ) there are signs of casting Mathijs
  6. In the meantime, I've been able to purchase two more original snapshots, but published in the well known two volume book !
  7. Gents, Its been a while since I'd bought something and even longer to have posted here. This lovely early Heeres Flak by St&L should change that ! Mathijs
  8. Mathijs T.

    1957 Heeres Flak ( St&L )

    Adding this St&L made Heeres Flak to the database
  9. Mathijs T.

    Subscriptions - Help HWMF

    Done - glad to contribute to this lovely forum
  10. Mathijs T.

    RK KvK ohne Schwertern

    Nick, From what I can see, this might be one from my collection ... the strange loop does look familiar. Mathijs
  11. Mathijs T.

    St&L Pour le Mérite

    Very nice piece, one day I'll add one to my collection .... one day.
  12. Mathijs T.

    4-rivet Deumer DKIG

    That man had it all
  13. Mathijs T.

    4-rivet Deumer DKIG

    Error .... guess again
  14. Quite the unique looking piece .... this is your more "basic" ( basis is maybe harsh as Souval 57er DK's are difficult to find ) version Alex is talking about.
  15. And herewith an overview of the other stick-pins ( which came in a lovely cardboard box, with velvet type inlay ). Believe they must be mixture between wartime and veteran time made .... any input appreciated. Thanks for looking, Mathijs