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  1. Rüdiger L.

    4-rivet Deumer DKIG

    Including the 4 rivet Deumer DKiS
  2. Rüdiger L.

    Happy New Year 2016

    Happy New Year to everyone here Hope 2016 will bring you only the best.
  3. Rüdiger L.

    4-rivet Deumer DKIG

    Waaah, i think i´ve been too long absent However, congrats to both of you. The 6 rivets Deumer are an own class .... top rare and damned beautiful
  4. Rüdiger L.

    4-rivet Deumer DKIG

    Damned, you old dog First time i see that a collector has both versions, really stunning You can call yourself very lucky, my friend. I know only one or two silver versions, that´ll be a tough call, buddy. Hope you can get lucky some day.
  5. Rüdiger L.

    4-rivet Deumer DKIG

    Hi Nick, very nice "standard" Deumer DKiG. By now accepted as Deumer pieces and from time to time one pops up. Glad you most likely got it for a great price, looks fantastic in it´s mint condition This one can only be beaten by the 6 rivet version, but these are really really hard to find. Great catch, congratulations
  6. I have to say that this small group is only "small" in the numbers of full size awards. But the history behind this grouping is really large. A fantastic grouping with his ribbon bar, dog tag and the seagoing badge in silver. Normally you find the bronze seagoing badges in groupings so this one is special, especially as it is the very early embroidered version and in fantastic condition. A group that would have made me nervous and envious in my earlier days Congrats on that one, Mathijs ...... u-boat groupings, especially from commanders are very hard to come by
  7. Fantastic and rare Hilfskreuzer, Steve The design is fantastic and very special with the dragon boat and the globe. I never saw a perfect similar design on other awards from all over the world. Being an early one with riveted globe makes this beauty even more special. Congrats buddy
  8. Rüdiger L.

    KM S-Boat badge.................

    Great and hard to find badge these days Indeed the S-boats are bigger than the ususal KM awards and i too was amazed when i put my between the other awards ....... a huge bugger
  9. Rüdiger L.

    A full harbour !

    Congrats Steve, on your completed harbour I know the feeling when you have finished a section and can relaxed concentrate on something new. Impressive shot with some familiar pieces
  10. Rüdiger L.

    St&L Close Combat Clasp in bronze

    You´re on a roll I am really amazed that on a fleamarket in Bruges you can find very early 57ers Wonderful example of the earliest variant of S&L CCC´s. Looks to be close to mint. Ususally you find these with a very dark bronze tone .... yours seems to be storaged very well over the last years. Perfectly vaulted, what i expect on these ones. Once more congrats to that addition and the other one.
  11. Wow A good catch ..... an excellent catch. These are way harder to find than S&L´s and a S&L is still totally hard to find. That´s one of the holy grails for a Heer combat awards collector That´s a wonderful and perfect addition to your collection, buddy. I have to say that it´s only the second or third that i see. Congrats, my friend.
  12. Rüdiger L.

    Second Pattern D-frame RK

    But at least a good S&L, although you can see the quality is getting lost by the time. The loop eye of the frame. But still a nice and later "original" by an accepted maker. For a good price a good buy
  13. Rüdiger L.

    R.I.P. Jan Arne S

    Absolute sad news May he rest in peace. He will be missed here as he was a great guy and wonderful part of the community. Bye, Jan Arne .... some day we all will meet again
  14. Yeeeeeessssss buddy, THAT´s LOOKS GREAT Great tunic and with the added awards a treat for my old eyes Hard to say which version looks best, i really like both ...... seems you have to buy one more tunic :-) Instead of steal some pics from the web ..... here´s a youtube link where you can see the monkey bar in wear. VERY good to see there. Steve, a big congrats to your new tunic, it´s a fantastic looking one and in combination with the "R" for Reserve really scarce.