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  1. Dagoromagna

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    That is impressive to say the least. Gustaf...my endless respect and congratulations for your works and your dedication. By chance, where is your Museum? In any case I come to US.... My Best Giovanni
  2. It's a Spanish Modelo Z 42/70 helmet with correct spanish liner in great condition. Repainted black somewhen. An helmet like this was also my first "German" helmet brought back by a junk shop in Normandy at 14... Value? I think It's good helmet for a kid to play the war with mocking a German soldier...
  3. Dagoromagna

    Generalstabsarzt portrait

    Larry, this is a great photo, thanks for showing. I see Gen. Passauer wearing a gold piped cap, if we compare the color with the blue piped, magnificent, crusher cap his colleague Prumers wears. Terrific photo. Thanks again Giovanni
  4. Dagoromagna

    Wehrmacht unterarzt

    Excellent photo!
  5. Wait.....is he the same man?????????????????????????
  6. Here's my pic...a LW Fahnrich with upgraded EM visor.....would love to find a piece like that!
  7. Dagoromagna

    DAK medical schiffchen

    Hans, will do surely If I ever sell...you're the first in line! Thanks! Will keep an eye open for you!
  8. Dagoromagna

    DAK medical schiffchen

    Hans, here it is...being an M43 I Always considered it a Southfront tunic...
  9. Here's one I'm waiting for. I'm using the seller excellent pics. M42 LW ET64 lot 1691 with green decal. I plan to do a USB macro study of that decal and I'll present it as possible.
  10. Great pic (one of the kind I save as screensaver....hope you don't mind ) Beautiful helmet. G.
  11. This is a fantastic helmet...I don't see why not considering the chinstrap with the helmet since the war and so an Italian Campaign helmet considering also the camo scheme. Superb piece, top shelf centerpiece. G.
  12. Here's one of the two SS I own. Found at an antique market... ET64 lot 908
  13. Dagoromagna

    DAK medical schiffchen

    Great example Hans...I have the tunic to go with it...have to find one for myself.
  14. Dagoromagna

    Gebirgsjäger Sanitäter

    Nice neat period pics Hans! Thanks for sharing. Here's my example...Jan come on, post the twin beauty you have!