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  1. After nearly five years I found a signed copy of his book
  2. Ian Jewison

    Soldbuch Photos

    This is in a replacement Wehrpaß issued a week after he was awarded his German Cross
  3. I remember Bart posting this elsewhere as I have a group to a guy from the same Kompanie who was killed 10.9.1944 in Warsaw.
  4. Looks like 12.2.1920.....but 18.2.1920 on a negative....
  5. Sorry only just seen your reply, didn't get any notification.....also will have to look. For some reason the images are no longer here........the photo of Glocke I was referring to in the one on the license. Do you have his Ehrenpokal? /Ian
  6. Russian Front medal citation is often missing in groups as it could take anywhere up to 3 years to get the citation, if he actually did receive it.
  7. Ian Jewison

    Soldbuch Photos

    A favourite 24 Pz.Div.....
  8. Yes, Oblt.z.S. Hans-Günther Lange signed it as well.
  9. Ian Jewison

    Soldbuch Battleship Tirpitz

    Probably have that somewhere lol EDIT: No I don't have that one
  10. An Incredible Rescue Against All Orders U-3505 and the Children of Hela Author: Robert Wortmann Length: 50' view film... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FryzRg9AMsw Between January and May 1945 one of the largest naval rescue operations ever took place. 790 ships were involved: they sailed from the besieged ports of East Prussia, crammed with desperate refugees. The voyage across the Baltic Sea presented a deadly risk. Enemy submarines, aircraft and mines made every westbound voyage a suicide mission. There is, however, one aspect of this evacuation drama that has found little mention until today: the fate of some 40 German submarines and their crews. Acting against explicit orders, their commanders rescued many children, adolescents, women and babies from the inferno of Danzig and Hela before they sank their own submarines. Horst, Ursula and Barbara Willner, Guenter Schulz, and Fritz Deutschmann are the names of the protagonists in this story about U-3505. 24-year-old naval officer Horst Willner was the captain of this submarine, one of the feared XXI class. He used the most advanced submarine model of that time to rescue women, children and adolescents. The eye witnesses shall shed light on the little-known destiny of some 40 German submarines which, acting against all orders, evacuated many babies, children and women from the war-ravaged areas of East Prussia. Almost sixty years after the voyage of U-3505, one of the last submarines to leave the besieged town of Gotenhafen, the survivors of this adventure meet again for the first time. The former crews and evacuees meet in Hamburg. Here is the Soldbuch of Mechniker Maat (Torpedo) Reinhold Ladwig, a crew member U-711, U-3505 and U-3034 (after U-3505 was sunk in an air raid) U-3505: 2 Apr 1945. On 28 March 1945 Oblt. Horst Willner took his new type XXI Elektro boat U-3505 out from Gotenhafen (Gdynia, Poland) and rescued 110 women and children, including his own wife and child. They had planned to escape on the liner Wilhelm Gustloff and had even boarded the ship, but Willner came aboard and took them to his base. The Wilhelm Gustloff was then sunk by a Soviet submarine with some 9,400 lost. U-3505 docked at Travemünde (Lübeck) on 2 April. Returning to Keil, U-3505 was to participate in torpedo exercises, but on 3 April was sunk in a bombing raid while in harbour. At least one sailor was killed.
  11. Ian Jewison

    Soldbuch Battleship Tirpitz

    Here' one I have to the Tirpitz. He joined FP No. M 30162 - Schlachtschiffe “Tirpitz” on 30.10.1942 and would remain there until his death 12.11.1944. Unfortunately the photo has been removed. A brief history during his time aboard Tirpitz culminating with her destruction on 12.11.1944. 23 10.1942 Tirpitz departs Bogenfjord in Narvik and sails to Trondheim for a refit. 11 3.1943 Leaves Trondheim and sails back to Bogenfjord in Narvik, where she joins the Scharnhorst and the heavy cruiser Lützow. March 1943 Transferred to the bay at Narvik, shortly after on to Kafjord, in the Altafjords. Setting up of a new battle group with “Tirpitz”, “Scharnhorst”, “Lützow” and several destroyers. The English discontinued due to this threat in the summer 1943 and the escorts to Murmansk were compled. 6-7.9.1943 The battle group (“Tirpitz”, “Scharnhorst” and other destroyers) under Admiral Kummetz accomplished an operation against Spitzenbergen. Destroying the allied base. 22.9.1943 An assault by three British midget submarines. “X-6” placed one specially designed mine under the stern of “Tirpitz”. “X-7” and “X-5” came to the destination and were subsequently destroyed. While a further mine (probably in the sunk “X-6”) positioned approx. 25 m by the ship exploded, without damage, the explosion of the mine fastened under the stern caused the following damage. Several turbines were loose in their fixings, all 3 propeller shafts bent, rudder greatly damaged, cracks in the ships floor, whereby some rooms flooded with water etc., one 38 cm - turret came loose of its fixings. Sep. 43 - Mar. 44 Five full months repairing. 15.3.1944 Trials in Atlafjord and firing of the heavy artillery. 5.4.1944 Heavy attack by British aircraft carriers “Furious” and “Victorious”, escort vessels “Emporer”, “Fencer”, “Pursuer” and “Searcher”, other vessels and their aircraft resulted in 14 direct hits on “Tirpitz”. This resulted in 108 dead and 284 wounded. 17.4.1944 New attack but only 1 bomb met with the “Tirpitz”. This bomb penetrated through to the first, and only time, both armoured decks but failed to explode. 22.8.44 - 29.8.44 Further attacks by British aircraft. 15.8.1944 Final attack put “Tirpitz” out of action! 15.10.1944 “Tirpitz” was moved out of Kafjord by tugs. 17.10.1944 Moored in Sandesund, a forerunner of the Lyngenfjordes. Also again air raids. 12.11.1944 Lancaster Bombers accomplished the third attack. The Jagdverband of the Luftwaffe started too late. The first wave of the bombers had achieved 3 hits already. “Tirpitz” received a 60 degree list, broke the water, revolved 135 degrees and sank, included with it the largest part of the crew. Only a small part could be saved at the rescue operations. The “Tirpitz” was destroyed. In the last assault 902 men and 28 officers were killed. 880 men survived.
  12. Interestingly Grenadier Regiment 19 was there at the same time under 2 Armee, Heeresgruppe Mitte. Als am 26. August der russische Großangriff losbrach, wurde das Regiment neben der 251 Infanterie Division in die Front geschoben. Bis zum 30. September 1943 hatte das Regiment nach schweren Kämpfen nur noch eine Stärke einer Kompanie. Über Nowgorod und Kolmy zog sich das Regiment bis zum 25. September zum Dnjepr zurück, der bei Ljubetsch überschritten wurde. Das Regiment bezog neue Verteidigungsstellungen. Ab dem 15. Oktober begannen erneut russische Angriffe über den Dnjepr hinweg. Am 21. Oktober kam es beim III. Bataillon zu einem russischen Durchbruch, bei dem das Bataillon fast vollständig aufgerieben wurde. Am 22. Oktober begann das Absetzen der 7 Infanterie Division nach Westen. /Ian
  13. 03875 D would be correct for 3 Kompanie. A - Stab B - 1 Kp. C - 2 Kp. D - 3 Kp. E - 4 Kp. /Ian
  14. The unit had the following FP Nr 03875: (Mobilmachung-1.1.1940) 6. Zug Fla-MGReserve-Kompanie 110, (2.1.1940-27.4.1940) gestrichen, (28.4.1940-14.9.1940) Stab III u. 9.-12. Kompanie Festungs-Infanterie-Regiment A dann Stab I u. 1.-4. Kompanie Wach-Bataillon 701, (27.1.1942-14.7.1942) Stab u. 1.-4. Kompanie Sicherungs-Bataillon 701, (15.7.1942-24.1.1943) Stab u. 1.-4. Kompanie Sicherungs-Bataillon 791, (7.11.1944-Kriegsende) 22.11.1944 gestrichen. Taking a look at the Vermisstenbildliste shows members of the unit missing around Ljubetsch (am Dnieper) for September 1943. /Ian