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    German militaria all eras, but specialise in the cold war era..with emphasis on the BRD Bundeswehr.

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  1. Steve L

    Is it just me?

    I totally agree with Larry's post above.........most of the sections are clique based with participants knowing each other personally, which can and does breed an air of contempt for anyone trying to join in discussions/debates that is not known to those "regulars", an unfriendly bunch unfortunately.... I do not post and rarely visit the Bundeswehr section, and the Imperial section, well ! they never, I repeat never answer any newbie questions !........the exception being the 57er sub section on WAF which is a breath of fresh air, friendly to both old and new members alike, I CAN ONLY HEAP PRAISE on the moderator of that section and I count most if not all participants as personal friends and that includes those who infrequently visit....however in February I will not be renewing/paying my $25 dues......I guess in a way it has become too big for its boots....lets hope it does not happen over here. Prost ! Steve.
  2. Steve L

    My new hobby ! U.K. Scooterist !

    Thanks Gents ! Its a British MOD thing all the mirrors & spot lamps....done in the early to mid 1960's here in the U.K. as a "fingers up" to the a new law that was brought in at that time which stated you had to have at least 2 mirrors on motor cycles/scooters.....and you thought kids of today were trouble makers !! Here's a period image......makes mine look a bit tame Jim, got the Parka,Harrington and Ben Shermans ! I am a fan of Northern Soul............. Here's one for the Vespa fans........French army "Acma" Vespa with 75mm recoiless gun !!! Prost ! Steve.
  3. Gentlemen, apologies for not being very active in the last few months, I have actually sold most of my 57ers ! and turned the cash into a Lambretta scooter ! much to my wife's disgust !! Any way, I will still be actively collecting anything Bundeswehr whether it be Army, Luftwaffe or Marine.............. Heres my new ride, a 2015 registered Lambretta LN125, a 4 stroke automatic twist & go scoot ! Alessandro Tartarini, he of the Italjet Dragster fame, was inspired by the old Lambretta SX model, the company, Rome-based "Lambretta Motolife Italia SpA" had his design put into production, It paid homage to the lines and spirit of the marque, and has a little Lambretta DNA in it’s blood.......designed in Italy, by an Italian, it has an all metal body made in Italy, it is assembled by SYM in Taiwan. I love it, just run it other day with 1000 km's on the clock, easy to ride, easy to maintain and IMO easy on the eye.....may not be a classic Lammy to the purist.....Here's a publicity shot and images of my "Mod" version ! For those interested here's some information.. http://lambrettista.net/tag/ln/ Just got my combination back rest/spare wheel & rack today, so that's next week sorted ! Prost ! Steve.
  4. Gentlemen, apologies for not being very active in the last few months, I have actually sold most of my 57ers ! and turned the cash into a Lambretta scooter ! much to my wife's disgust ! Any way, still actively collecting anything Bundeswehr, on this thread I intend to show my WW2 Veterans Bundeswehr tunics/uniforms, wether Army, Luftwaffe or Marine, any one else can add there's to this thread.......the more the merrier. I kick off with this tunic I have recently added to my collection, a superb early Army Officers tunic, a nice light grey lightweight unlined version of "Selbsteinkleideruniform" (general service uniform) from 1957 (Model 1957) for the rank of Oberstleutnant this tunic style was the first 4 pocket tunic to be worn in the BW, and is still worn today.......with little alteration. This tunic belonged to a veteran that fought in a sturmgeschutz unit in WW2 furthermore according to the seller he got the Ehrenblattspange......but there is no proof to this as no name is attached to the tunic for me to check However therte is two sets of loops for two separate ribbon bars, the top set are still there EK I, EK II and PAB 25 engagements....I would imagine the lower bar to be for two additional awards. The tunic would of been upgraded in line with October 1963 regulations, when the verbandsabzeichen (armshield) was to be worn (attached is the Verbandsabzeichen/armshield of WBK V "Wehrbereichskommando V" at Stuttgart) also around this time the switch over from non waffenfarbe pointed shoulder straps to rounded waffenfarbe piped straps took place, it seems this Officer stuck with his original 57' straps and simply had the waffenfarbe attached to the pointy straps ! something I have not seen before, as most conformed to regulations and either bought a new tunic or had rounded straps re-fitted by a tailor.....or else this fellow retired just after this date (1963), saw no reason to spend hard earned cash on an upgrade....The collar patches in "Mittelblau" are for "Technische Truppe". Prost ! Steve.
  5. Gents,I thought the Dutch armed forces were liberal when it came to long hair, see this link and marvel at the 1970's Bundeswehr.........words just fail me ! http://www.sueddeutsche.de/leben/jahre-haarnetz-erlass-rekruten-mit-rockermaehne-1.1056421 with thanks to TJ over on another forum for this information and link..........enjoy ! Now then, does anyone know where I can get a genuine BW hairnet from ? what a talking point in my collection that would be Prost ! steve.
  6. Kasper, welcome to the BRD sub forum, the guys are correct, not wartime but a 1960/70's Police, BGS (border Police) or Customs (Zoll) M43 style cap, worth I am afraid very little...........even with insignia. Prost ! Steve.
  7. Steve L

    57er U-Boat Badge

    Hi John, glad it got there safe and sound, and that you are happy with it ! it did not take long to get to you, I am impressed !....although a later badge (having an open hinge assembly) the finish is super with frosting and polished highlights, and compares with earlier versions, I think this badge was on the cusp of change around the late 1960's-early 1970's....here is one my images of this particular award....... Prost ! Steve.
  8. Steve L

    St&L - Eiserner Roland

    Great badge Alex I have a slightly later version in a different finish, I believe St u L offered your black finish as well as a distressed finish such as mine............. Prost ! Steve.
  9. Steve L

    St&L - Grand Cross 1813

    What a fabulous cross Alex ! When I first started collecting post war awards/medals, I dismissed all Grand crosses made by both St u L and Souval as nothing more than fakes, as no living awardees were alive when these were made, however I have mellowed with age and with knowledge learnt I now desire to own an Imperial one for my collection........thanks for showing Alex ! Prost ! Steve.
  10. Gentlemen, my latest medal bar, from a WW2 veteran and member of the VdK, an organisation formed in Germany just after the war to help and assist victims of the war both military and civilian, today it is an organisation which represents social justice and the disabled, with "Landesverband" (sections)all over Germany, now called the "social VdK e.v." this particular set was owned (name sadly not known) by a member of the "Landesverband Hessen" it has three medals, two of which are the organisations service awards in both Silver and Bronze, I do not know anything, nor can I find anything out about these medals, award criteria etc etc....if anyone knows, please enlighten me ! It is the third medal that I am most interested in, it the German made "Croix du combattant de l'Europe" I have the French version, more commonly encountered and of a slightly different design, made by Deumer and so marked on the rear. I would imagine the other two VdK medals are also by them, but are not marked as such........a nice unusual set of medals, with an obvious veteran link. The Deumer "Croix du combattant de l'Europe" ...... Prost ! Steve.
  11. how true Tony ! But not here......thanks to Mathijs it is a safe heaven, pass it on ! I see a certain DKiS/SS award on the other forum is having it tough, just as I predicted.... Prost ! Steve.
  12. Steve L

    Para Badge by S&L

    Nice rare version Alex, thanks for showing Prost ! Steve.
  13. Nice to see that the PLM shown attributed to Junger in that post is a post war (post WW2 that is) St u L made PLM. Prost ! Steve.
  14. Mathijs, St u L made a huge range of Imperial replacement awards, including the Flyers badges,.....as they had made then during the inter war and war years, so the dies were all still there and did not need to be altered like the 57ers, only the rear hardware gives them away and can obviously help in identifying a time line. I have a Pilots and air gunner badges.....here's my St u L Pilots and an example of their Air gunners badge ....and a page from their 1939 catalogue. Prost ! Steve. Oh, and St u L made these badges as either solid (massiv) or in hollow (hohl) form.