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  1. Hello Mathijs, thanks for showing this perfect and wonderful KC a really sunbeam at the cloudy 57er sky
  2. Patrick08/15

    Ribbon bar thread

    Here is my newest bar
  3. I wish you all Merry Christmas
  4. Patrick08/15

    KC Group by Karl Hausmann

    First I only can say thanks again for your nice comments. Today I get the signed photo from Hausmann. For me the perfect piece to round out the group.
  5. Patrick08/15

    57er Deumer L/11 EK I

    Congrats Steve and I'm glad it got a good home. Absolut great condition and it was hard for me to sell it.
  6. Good to see that a great group like that come piece to piece together again.
  7. Patrick08/15

    KC Group by Karl Hausmann

    No the IAB is a later one with open hingeblock
  8. Patrick08/15

    KVK RK with Swords

    Congrats Steve! This piece is wonderful
  9. Patrick08/15

    KC Group by Karl Hausmann

    Oh you get my EK1 no the cuff title is not original.And congrats to your KVK RK. It was on my list,too.
  10. Patrick08/15

    KC Group by Karl Hausmann

    Oberfeldw. Hausmann has personal bravery and guide property, as the battalion stayed in the attack,with his platoon in the strongest cold the heavily equipped enemy nests in the forest eastward woskressenskoje as long as kept, and taken up after 3 hours reinforcement came. The independently composed decision was crucial for further battles.
  11. Patrick08/15

    KC Group by Karl Hausmann

    I recieved the KC at 15th of October,1942 at the northern front of russia as a Ofw in a Jäger-Regiment of the 8.Jäger-Division. We were used together with the 5.Jäger-Division at the northern front in Staraja-Russa.We had to free 100000 comrades which were included in the strict and cold winter of 1941/42 (Demyansk Pocket).At cold temperatures below 30 degrees, many snow and deep forests the attack began in the 21.3.42.In april 42 it began to thaw. At the 20.4.42 we restored including the connection to the comrades at the Lovat at Ramuschewo. A fight of superhuman exertions, courage, intrepidity and bravery and many sacrifice lay behind us.
  12. Patrick08/15

    KC Group by Karl Hausmann

    Here are the papers without translation...
  13. a Hello friends, this week I could this great group for my collection. A christmas gift for myself and a personal dream of me. First I have to say sorry for the blurry pics, but here in germany there is no sunlight out there. I can not even say whether the sun still exists. I have to try a little bit from the papers for you.I hope I don´t make much mistakes http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Personenregister/H/Hausmann.htm http://nl.ww2awards.com/person_file.asp?id=47768
  14. Congrats to this fantastic group Sadly like so often splitted but perhaps it comes the day where you can put the hole group together.
  15. Patrick08/15

    Ribbon bar thread

    Here is my newest bar.My first bar with a uboat