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  1. Blue Division

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Sad news. Rest in peace.
  2. Blue Division

    Spanish Awards

    You magnify those action pins. Do you know who it belonged to? By the actions, could be some Legionary or Regular?
  3. Blue Division

    Spanish Awards

    Can you show a better picture of wound sites? please Regards Antonio
  4. Blue Division

    Spanish Awards

    magnificas esas "sufrimientos"
  5. Blue Division

    Spanish Awards

    Beautiful medals Belles..thanks!! Regards Antonio
  6. Blue Division

    Kriegsmarine Book by Eduardo

    Enhorabuena Eduardo por tan magnifico libro y por el trabajo finalizado. Saludos Antonio
  7. The photograph does not show any German decoration ... but it is very nice. Sorry. regards Antonio
  8. Sergeant Blue Division. The shield, with the emblem of the Falange. regards Antonio
  9. Joaquim Martorell Estevez.Uniform del Aire español, con el emblema de paracaidista y la medalla de la campaña de Rusia. En el ojal, medalla anticomunista cinta. Saludos Antonio
  10. Blue Division

    silver wound badge . opinions pls..

    the badge It belonged to a member of the Blue Division regards and thanks Antonio
  11. Blue Division

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Thanks Eric!!! happy day for you regards Antonio
  12. Blue Division

    Tropical M41 SS?

    Thanks Lou!! I have always believed that my cap tropica SS, was authentic, but someone told me that the olive green interior is just to cap KM. Except olive green interior, the rest seems SS configuration. Best regards Antonio
  13. Hi guys....I need to review this badge wounded.... is silver? is normal to have two brands of manufacturing? Thnaks and best regards Antonio.