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    Third reich medals, edged weapons a mixture of every thing and some Imperial.

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  1. 55 marked EKII Hammer & Sohne.John
  2. Just added this 'Field Marschall series' model Nr 1706 'Scharnhorst',with Leopard head and red glass eyes,this is a light gilded aluminium version,Eickhorn trade mark 1936-41 type.Portepee turned up today to complete it.
  3. Up until now I have three Imperial EKI and thirteen third reich EKI ( I've also been getting EKII as well,trying to match up to packets I have.)
  4. Latest addition L/14 Friedrich Orth,brass core & Souval frame
  5. John Jury

    Digital Microscope.

    Have you tried a different usb port? ,when I upgraded to Windows 10 it did not recognise the device,but I plugged it to a second port and it uploaded again. (I did not use the software,it uploaded direct from the device)
  6. John Jury

    Visor Cap Portraits

    NCO portrait,note the 'air vents' on the underside of his cap.
  7. John Jury

    LAH soldier .

    Photo dated 1942.
  8. John Jury

    Visor Cap Portraits

    New addition.
  9. John Jury

    Visor Cap Portraits

  10. John Jury

    Visor Cap Portraits

  11. John Jury

    Visor Cap Portraits

    latest addition
  12. John Jury

    SS Sturmmann LAH

    Just got this,an early photo of an LAH member,note he is not wearing an armband on his black walking out dress
  13. John Jury

    Luftwaffe Officer photos

    Arrived today.
  14. John Jury

    Visor Cap Portraits

    Dated 1941