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  1. Martin DJ

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    at Wewelsburg.
  2. Martin DJ

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Ian, I took this picture from Eric during our visit and stay with Eick. Eick was really impressed about the detailed knowledge of Eric about his boat U510 and his crew. Eric had taken with him a picture album from one of his crew members. He showed them to Eick. It was unforgettable. Eric was an encyclopedie: he almost knew everything. Mention a specif U boat and he knew it and could tell you everything about it. Incredible........... We will miss you Eric. You were such a great person! ikke
  3. Martin DJ

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    So sad to hear. Eric Jan was my friend for years. He was always helpfull to anybody and did extensive research for those who wanted mor information on a Wehrpasses/SB, battles or any soldiers/persons. Eric had so much knowledge about Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and the battle in Luxembourg with Volksgrenadiers. I made visits with him to some KC holders Eick and Heder. I will never forget those nice moments and memories. His humor and great knowledge will be missed. Het lost his own battle against cancer. Too young he passed away but he will always be in our memory. I will miss him a lot. I feel so sad with his family especially his mother, two sons and daughter. Eric Jan; rest in peace my dear friend. Untill we meet up there. Martin
  4. Quite recently I visited in germany a collector who owns the whole grouping of Pilot Wilhelm Mylius. I am lucky to have the 835 silver honor goblet of Mylius in my own possession. Here a picture if the medal group. All documents are still there... We can't agree to reunite the grouping, because he wants my goblet and I want his grouping:-) Mylius is btw shown in my avatar:-) Martin
  5. I was there also years ago.....Nice again to see here. Thanks. Very impressive museum with nice historical pieces. Martin
  6. thanks for sharing. always very special material. Keep on coming. martin
  7. great pics Eric.....Never seen them before. Thanks for sharing. Martin
  8. google is our best friend.... martin
  9. Martin DJ

    Ciney 2014

    RIP for that " puienzeiker" :-)
  10. Martin DJ

    Ciney 2014

    hahaha....... Never again....I don't blame them knowing how your dog looks like:-) But save you this trip. Just a lot of "bull"shit over there in Ciney..... martin
  11. again "time stood still" thanks for sharing Jim. martin