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  1. Good morning, Here is a picture of my recently acquired Paratrooper Badge...since I"m a brand new collector, I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks!
  2. DJMiller5

    Newly Acquired WWII Badge/Pin Collection

    Will do, thanks!
  3. Thank you Gaston, for your helpful advice. Although I'm not an expert, I did feel as though something was not quite right about that website. Any advice on how to go about selling my memorabilia? I posted pictures on the Collectors page as well as on the German Medals (Blockade Buster) section. I suppose it would be best to wait and hear back from members since I don't even know if they are genuine. Thanks again!
  4. I picked this up last night at an auction. What do you think? Should I clean them up? If so, what's the best method?
  5. Good evening, Has anyone had any experience with the website www.ww2germanmilitaria.com ? They are based in British Columbia and update their website with new items to sell daily. Thanks for your help.
  6. DJMiller5

    Collection of "mint" badges and awards

    Beautiful collection!
  7. Good evening, I am a brand new owner of some very old badges and pins. I could use your expert advice and comments on them. Thank you!CN9224.JPG]