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  1. Hi Gordon.

    Hope you're doing well.

    Some years ago the estate of Korvettenkapitän Werner Winter (U-103) was split up and sold off by dealer Thomas Huss. It's a long shot, but may I ask if you know the whereabouts of parts of this grouping?

    Thank you for your time!

    Best regards,


  2. Nick H.

    Oberst Fritz Müller

    Thanks Pierce!😁 Cheers, Nick
  3. Hi Gents. Would like to share my newest 57er acquisition with you; ,,Fritz Müller was born on the 3rd of October 1907 in Neumarkt/Schlesien. In 1927 he began his military career as a soldier in the 7. Infantery-Regiment of the 3. Infantery-Division during the Reichswehr period. At the beginning of the Russian compaign in June 1941, Müller was commander of the 2. Company/Jägerregiment 38 - 8th Infantery-Division. With this unit he was, south of lake Ilmen, succefully involved in the outbreak of the "Kessel von Demjansk". For this reason Hauptmann Müller received the Knight Cross of the Iron Cross on the 25th of August 1942. He was given this high honor for the unknown heroic defensive actions of the batallion under his charge on "Feuerberg" around "Wassiljewtschina" on the 10th of August 1942. After mass shelling by artillery on their position, they were still able to ward off 12 attacks by Russian troops supported by countless tanks. Enemy infiltrations into the German line were repeatedly canceled out by counterattacks. In 1943, as commander of Grenadier-Regiment 208 - 79. Infantry-Division, Oberstleutnant Müller saw combat missions in the Kuban Bridge Head (Kuban-Brückenkopf), along the Mius River, in Nikopol and along the Dnieper River. In the vicinity of the port city of Nikopol (Никополь), Oberstleutnant Müller fought very close with his front-line men and repeatedly risked his own life. By personal intervention by the commander and his men, enemy shock troops could be brought to a halt at the command post on the 19th of December 1943. New attacks on December 25 were also repelled. Within a radius of 400 meters from the headquarters, 23 enemy tanks were destroyed. As well as one tank just 7 meters from the headquarters, this by use of a Panzerfaust. For this successful defense of the front line, Müller received the 477th Oakleaves for the Knights Cross on the 15th of May 1944. Fritz Müller ended the war with the rank of Oberst and a leg amputation. He died on January 26, 1994 and was buried in Eschwege with military honor.'' Source: Autobiography and Landser magazine
  4. Maybe throw an early OLS in there. I'll keep an eye out as well.😀 Regards, Nick
  5. Hi John. It's a lovely early postwar cross.😉 Souval started producing them pre 57ers as souvenirs for the Allied forces and later on switched to the collector's market. The loop and ribbon are modern fakes though. You shouldn't have a problem replacing them with the correct types. Best regards, Nick
  6. Thanks Justin! It stands for the Knight's Cross of the "Order of Merit of the Kingdom of Hungary" (Hungarian: Magyar Érdemrend), which according to online sources, Werner received in 1938. Kind regards, Nick
  7. Thanks Pierce! This part of the nachlass included a BW photoalbum as well. Regards, Nick
  8. His BW Wehrpass with award entries.
  9. Recently acquired this grouping attributed to Korvettenkapitän Werner Winter (26.03.1912, Hamburg - 09.09.1972, Kiel). ,,Werner began his naval career in April 1930. He served on the line ship Schlesien and then on the light cruiser Emden before transferring to the U-boat force in July 1935. After a few months on U22 he took command of this boat in October 1937, and during the fall of 1939 made two brief and unsuccessful patrols. In November 1939 he was attached to the BdU Op staff. In July 1941 Winter took over command of U103 from the famous ace Viktor Schütze and made three successful patrols. He sunk a total of 15 tankers/freighters (79,301 GRT) near the US East Coast and Cuba, earning him the Knight's Cross on the 5th of June 1942. In July 1942 he took command of the 1st Flotilla in Brest, France. He was captured after the surrender of Brest in August 1944, returning home from British captivity (POW camp 18, Featherstone Park) in November 1947. After the war he served for a few years in the Bundesmarine and retired as Kapitän zur See in March 1970.''
  10. Great portrait photo, love it.? Congrats on the new acquisition my friend. Regards, Nick
  11. Nick H.

    Werner Machold grouping

    Thanks Gents. @Bart V. It's actually my first grouping this complete (awards, BW photos, letters and other post war paperwork). Apart from this lot I also have Hansen's nachlass (which was previously shown by Mathijs) + added RK with EL and two more attributed 57er RKs, sadly without any firm provenance.
  12. Hi Gents, Been very busy and regret not having visited the forum in a while. I'd like to make it up and show you one of my new acquisitions, a grouping attributed to LW ace Werner Machold (29.07.1913 - 02.04.1968). Here's a short biography on the man in question: ,,The outbreak of WW II saw Werner Machold as an NCO pilot with I./JG 2 Richthofen. Born on July 29, 1913, Werner Machold was among the oldest of the first fighter aces of the Luftwaffe. However, his Gruppenkommandeur, Hauptmann Erich Mix, was a veteran pilot from WW I who in 1940 was in his forties. But the 13 victories achieved by Mix in a two-month period is a clear evidence that he was still going strong. Mix soon noticed the talent of Oberfeldwebel Machold and placed him in the position of a section leader. On May 14, 1940, when JG 2 achieved twenty victories, Oberfeldwebel Werner Machold achieved his first two kills against French M.S. 406 fighter. Five days later, he shot down an RAF Hurricane, and brought home two victories each on May 20 and May 21, 1940. His eighth victory was scored against a Spitfire over Calais on May 26, 1940. No 9 and 10, a Morane and a Bloch 150 on June 3, 1940. During the subsequent Battle of Britain, Machold rose to one of the most notable German aces. He knocked down three Hurricanes in a row on August 30, 1940. Three days later he repeated the same feat, only this time against three Spitfires. Having achieved 20 victories, all but six against RAF Spitfires and Hurricanes, Machold was awarded with the Knight's Cross on September 5, 1940. Later, Machold was promoted to Oberleutnant and put in charge of 7./JG 2 (Staffelkapitän). Machold's last two victories were attained against RAF Spitfires over the English Channel on May 19, 1941. During a low-level Jabo attack on a shipping convoy off Portland beginning of June 1941, Machold's Bf 109E-7/Z (W.Nr. 5983) “White 15”received a hit in the radiator from anti-aircraft fire from a Royal Navy destroyer. Werner had no other option but to belly-land on the British southern coast. He became a prisoner-of war for the remainder of hostilities. Werner Machold amassed 32 victories in over 250 combat missions. All his victories were recorded over the Western front. Post war, he joined the Bundeswehr and held a final rank of major'' Collar tabs were merely added for display. Hope you like it.?
  13. Nick H.


    Welcome to the forum Bob, a very nice collection you are showing us! I really like the BW wehrpass and minis. Would love to see some better pics of your first pattern RK and RK KvKs as well. Best regards, Nick
  14. Nowhere near an original Juncker, it is a dipping öse fake aka the "Morigi fake". Please crop your photos before you upload them in one topic. Regards, Nick
  15. Nick H.

    Non maker marked cased EK2

    A lovely framed '109' - W&H. Regards, Nick