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  1. Leown89

    Unknown Badge. To me anyway !

    I saw the shape of the grenade and the flame, thought first of Italian Police
  2. Leown89

    Your first item?

    My first item was a Dfh.b headphone for my german tank uniform
  3. Leown89

    Unknown Badge. To me anyway !

    It's Leon, not Benjamin Forgot i was a member here, just found out by an e-mail from the forum.. But i'm back
  4. Leown89

    Herbie goes ww2

    Rest of the build is here: http://forum.battletanksbelgie.be/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=2343
  5. Leown89

    Herbie goes ww2

    About the distruction, the chrome came of the bumpers, lights and trimming, the stickers came loose and there were scratches in the white plastic.. It didn't look good to sit on the shelf. I wanted to convert this thing to be the one and only with such a vehicle, not the 10.000th with a tiger or something.
  6. Leown89

    Herbie goes ww2

    Did want to do something new in millitairy moddeling, so i did a search for any random period vehicle on e-bay, and found this: (sorry for using photobucket, i use it for everything) It's a 1/6 scale herbie, from the 2005 movie franchise. Pretty rare vehicle, was only made for and in America, and sold at wall-mart I'm trying to make it into a world war 2 vehicle When it arrived: I put a 12 inch (30cm) figure near it so you could see the scale of it And demolition begins! And the biggest change of the car, the back window. Got no template for it, it's sculpted free out of hand.. (wich is a pain in the ...) And filling begins And a first lick of paint, to check for flaws, dents etc. Also fixed a bumperbracket that was broken, did a ''in the field'' repair with a bit of styrene and miliput Now.. headlights. another thing that was hard to do, when i kept the lights clear. So i did the easy way, make blinded lights! The dash had a radio in, they didnt have that in the 40's. so i covered it up with the VW hood ornament. Still need to rework that Then i noticed i was looking at a replica vw, with blinkers and such, they didnt have them back then, so they had to go also. the back was next, the ''W'' in the lid.. also handsculpted, so it wont be perfect Also, the turnsignals, in this version they were in the doors, so i made em simple with a line of miliput Had also tools installed, an axe and a shovel, but when they were installed, i didnt like the look. so i took them of again. What i did was installed the noteks (front and back) The horn is being installed when the body is on the chassis again http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o539/leown89/IMAG1524_zpsb826071d.jpg Next thing is: get the roof out. and get a proper ragtop that's folded open. Why? to get figures in! when the car is on the chassis, i cant fiddle with them anymore, so i need a hole somewhere And some little stuff, altering the bumpers, filled a exhaust hole (the 40's had one, herbie has 2 pipes) Now im waiting for the figures, when they are in i need to do the cloth roof, better paintjob and decals
  7. Leown89

    Small collection

    Got some new books Die Wehrmacht, full of pictures (almost every page) of the first year of war Die Niederlande, Deutsch gesehen. Information booklet for German soldiers stationed in Holland, It's about the history of provinces and large cities, for sightseeing etc.
  8. Leown89

    Small collection

    Thanks! :D
  9. Leown89

    Who's there?

    The agenda is from 1942, for the year 1943, only the owners name and adress is in it, rest is blanco Can't find the picture uploader, so here are the links: http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o539/leown89/IMAG1534_zps68559ff5.jpg http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o539/leown89/IMAG1535_zps2e7bf82c.jpg http://i1146.photobucket.com/albums/o539/leown89/IMAG1536_zps8f661d7b.jpg Here is the full build of my ww2 herbie (dutch language, but plenty of pictures) http://forum.battletanksbelgie.be/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=2343
  10. Leown89

    Small collection

    Hello all, here my starting collection of panzer and books. hope you enjoy :) P.S.: not everything is original, some is reproduction because of the cost (some bits of the uniform) Agenda and a book that was given to the panzerbattalions in the east (Russia) this book has never been sold in stores, extremely rare. Agenda for my panzer uniform, has some nice things in it. like translation tabs for the occupied countries and even advertisements Schoolbook, history of the third reich, and how the invasions were done in the early war Die geschichte des deutsche unteroffiziers, historybook about officers in the german army (from 1600 until 1939) nice thick book, lots of info My uniform and personal bits and pieces dustgoggles headphones Throatmicrophone Maps for the mapcase, this one is from the area where i live my other uniform, m36 infantry: rest is bits and pieces, some reproduction, some original I have some more laying around, need to sort it out and take pictures of them later
  11. Leown89

    Who's there?

    Hello, I'm Leon, 23 years old and live in the Netherlands. I'm a starting collector of ww2 panzer items. Got a full unteroffizier panzer uniform, where i still buy personal stuff for. I'm also starting a collection of original books that has something to do with panzer or that the soldiers had as a personal item (like song books, school books) just started, got only 6 books or so. my latest (and extremely rare) book, never been sold in the stores, but personally given to the panzerdivisions in Russia My other hobby is scale modeling. I got a 1/6 scale jagdpanther, a 1/6 vw herbie that i'm converting right now to a ww2 model (mix between a kommandeurwagen, kdf 82e and kdf 87 :P) and some little models of a panther g, Tiger and a American halftrack that I converted to a beutewagen. my old m5a1 stuart (also 1/6 scale) and the jagdpanther And the project im currently working on: