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  1. Hans Kondor

    Deumer P/O Badge

    Absolutely top badge Gary, congrats!
  2. Hans Kondor

    Deumer Para Badge

    Thats a beautiful Deumer in stunning condition!
  3. Hans Kondor

    Panzerkampfabzeichen Silber

    Hello, in my opinion this is a copy, the eagle's design, hardware, patina looks all wrong to me.
  4. Hans Kondor

    Panzerkampfabzeichen silber

    He had a great collection, but unfortunately he passed away.
  5. Hans Kondor

    Panzer Assault Bronze

    Looks like a fine late war zinc S&L with vertical crimped hinge and crimped catch variant.
  6. Hans Kondor

    Ostmedal ring marked 63

    Nice one, I like this maker, its eagle design is very good and the finish is also great.
  7. Hans Kondor

    Panzerkampfabzeichen silber

    Hello Rich, I checked our database, Jan Arne has uploaded a variant like this: The pin does not look like a post war made variant to me.
  8. Hans Kondor

    Extremely rare Krim Shield

    The details on this maker's shields are so beautiful, I really like the eagle design.
  9. Hans Kondor

    Godet Oakleaves,

    Hello Jacek, unfortunately thisaward is out of my league, so I can't say anything about authenticity. But if you got a thumbs up from Dietrich, thats a good sign indeed.
  10. Hans Kondor

    Inf Sturm Abs silver small 'w'.

    Hi, yes it is indeed looks like a tombak Wurster, a piece which is still missing from my collection, congrats!
  11. Hans Kondor

    Nice LW Pilot/Observers badge

    Hello, the badge itselfs looks original, but I would like to see better straight photos from the observe and the rear. I am not sure about this finish, the black paint on the pin is weird, also would like to see better shots from the swastika, that it is not renaziffized.
  12. Hello, you mean the marked ones are rare? Because IMO the design is not so hard to find in EKII spange, though the condiiton of yours are great.
  13. Another nice Spange from you, congrats!
  14. Very nice one, I really like this design!