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  1. I have seen a fair few early postwar berets recently. What do you make of this? It was stated as Recce Corps but that was disbanded in 1946. It is certainly an officers beret. I know the WR used such a green backing. Perhaps the Officer was late of a certain corps or regiment. Oli
  2. Thanks Jerry, It's hard to find many period photos. From looking at WR photos they changed from khaki around 1955. I am curious about this beret. Also some regiments surely used Khaki berets after ww2, such as mounted infantry. despite junior officers didnt senior staff officers continue to use a khaki beret postwar (maroon if late of airborne)?
  3. Looks British and the medals appear to be WW1 style but the photo is grainy. Could you please post a photo of the caps?
  4. Ocad

    Jeep barn find

    Came across this and thought it would interest others on here: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?38166-Barn-find-Willys-MB
  5. Hello all, It's been a while since I posted much on the forums due to other commitments, but I hope you are well? Collecting is an odd hobby, nothing is ever quite straight forward and often researching only confuses the issue and doesn't bring that clear cut answer. From reading various forums over the years I heard veterans say that they had been issued postwar garments with King's Crown buttons, this makes life very hard for a collector and for me personally a uniform or cap with the wrong "crowned" buttons or badge starts warning bells. However, I recently picked up a Royal Marine's peak cap which I first believed was a lightweight version, although upon handling it, it clearly has vinyl features yet all else is the typical wartime characteristic with King's crown buttons, which seem original to the cap. As the cap dates to the late 1950s it is interesting that old KC stock was still being used, and confirms the memories from the late 1950s 1960s that I remember reading on the forums (although where?). Almost to confirm the matter a 1955 Royal Marine greatcoat is being offered for sale at the moment with.... yep that's right King's crown buttons.
  6. Yes it is a fantastic looking WW1 cap. and named also!
  7. Very nice cap Jerry. Is it named at all? The chinstrap detail is indeed interesting and like you say its the RN officer type. However I also have a pre WW2 Army officers cap with such a strap. Anomalies like these do happen but why? These caps are quite unusually and its nice to see a blue version, I am yet to find an example. Just yesterday I missed out on another KC version, although the condition was quite dulled and it was missing the two part badge, which alone would be the price of a decent Forage cap.
  8. Very nice cap Jerry. I also saw this and was umming and arring about it. Shame about the condition of the red band but nevertheless a beauty. Do you think he would have worn this for the Home Guard. I would be doubtful. Oli
  9. Hi all and happy new year! I am stumped by this beret. Can anyone help me to tell what regiment its from and how old it is? Best wishes, Oli
  10. No idea... still no luck. Its a shame the seller couldnt tell me more.
  11. Very interesting, I cannot help unfortunately but I would be interested to see the cap in question. Oli
  12. Thanks Jerry, I will try searching that. Its a mystery indeed! The hat was used in Afghanistan in 2002, so perhaps looking at which regiments were there might help....
  13. Thanks Jerry. Its a nice addition and I think it probably dates to around the changeover time of the vinyl tops, as the peak is leather. On a side note, I recnently saw a photo of HRH Prince Phillip and the Queen on the cover of a society magazine, in naval dress uniform and Flag Officer cap. What was interesting about the photo is that Phillip was wearing a KC badge on his cap. I cannot find the photo so perhaps I need to buy the magazine.
  14. Thanks for your replies, that is very interesting. I had no idea the stocks lasted so late. However I guess with Officer's private purchase the insignua would have been correct. I am not sure how the senior NCOs would have taken the mixed insignia. By the way, here is the cap in question. Oli
  15. Jerry, that is an envious collection. I don't know what it is but these desert uniforms and cap really interest me, although I only have one or two bits.
  16. I just picked up an Austrian UN pale blue beret which bares many similarities to the British wartime and 1950s berets. (Photos to follow). The badge is embriodered but not the surplus examples you can google. To me the beret seems late 1950s or 1960s, which would tie in with then they joined the UN in 1955 (source UN website). Can someone help me find out about it. The only tag is a white and purple label with SS1 inked on. As I said, the lining style and leather sweatband look British in style and it also has a leather tab covering the vent holes. Oli
  17. I am tempted by this helmet. I would appreciate any thoughts, as I have little experience with Mk.3s. The Medic could be a later addition... The helmet and lining are showing no markings, or none that can be easily seen. Oli
  18. Thanks Aaron, that is some very interesting information. It's like caps, the key is usually in the details. Would this also work on MK.IIs as I have a shell that has not obvious marking? Thanks! Oli
  19. Thanks Aaron for your thoughts. The condition of the liner is not great but the seller is trustworthy and the price is good... however postage is a big subtraction, so I am mulling it over. How can you tell a BMB liner without a marking? Oli
  20. Interesting cap. The photos are a little grainy for me to make out the side button detail but I would say it looks more US in style than Brit or CW, particularly the lining and brown leather peak. The chinstrap looks more Brit style. I am leaning towards it being an airline pilot's cap than military, but I am sure researching the badge would clear this up. Date wise, depending on what material the lining stiffeners are I would say from the photos that its somewhere between 1940s and 1960s. Its hard to tell without actually having it in your hands.
  21. There was I casually browsing the internet sites and suddenly in the small icon on the left of the 'bay's website I saw something that looks very similar to my helmet... Low and behold it is the exact pic lifted and cropped! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-British-Royal-Navy-sailors-approved-Grey-paint-enough-for-2-tommy-helmets-/381201568499?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58c16252f3 Not quite sure if I should take the compliment or be irritated....
  22. Very nice and salty helmets!
  23. Could you post an extruded slide next to a non extruded one to show the difference please