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  1. Sebastien T.

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Eric was a good friend and a ggreat guy. I will miss him. Will see you again my friend on day. Seb
  2. Sebastien T.

    Luftwaffa Ground assault badge

    Textbook Hammer and Sohne in great condition. Seb
  3. Sebastien T.

    Pilot Badge - Juncker

    Hello Stuart, Your badge is a comon fake and the case is the lattice fake, sorry Seb
  4. Sebastien T.

    Luftwaffe Anti Aircraft War Badge

    Beautiful Wiedmann flak. Still a lot of the original silver finish Seb
  5. Wonderful J2 Observer
  6. Sebastien T.

    Pilot Badge - Juncker

    Classic J3. This one was awarded from late 1942 up to 1943 before switching to J3 in zinc. Like hans mentionned it was a replacement badge.
  7. Nice COAG J3, Can we see close up of the catch.
  8. Perfect textbook GWL flak, I m looking for such an example. Beauty
  9. Very nice J3 parts IMME ROAG
  10. Sebastien T.

    My collection WWII

    its fine thanks
  11. Sebastien T.

    My collection WWII

    The comments fit these original late war badges. They are hard to find and very well fake like the one you posted. Hope you can get your money back. Sorry for the bad news, I know what it is Ive been caught few times as well. Cheers
  12. Sebastien T.

    My collection WWII

    ON your J3 COAG, can you post side pictures of the catch to be 100% sure it is not repaired. Seb
  13. Sebastien T.

    My collection WWII

    Hey Jorn, I am very surprise you bought this on WAF as it is a Staegemier fake. This one must have get trought the net...The detail on the eagle is too prononce and the reverse show castin and it dosent have the 4 circles and many little things are wrong like edges, molding lines etc..... I am not surprise you had a wrong opinion on GCA but very surprise that you actually received thumbs up on WAF as this badge have been discussed here: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=634806&highlight=para+L%2F64 They can't be early release as the A L/64 mark came very late in the war. P.S. IMO mean In my opinion.
  14. Sebastien T.

    My collection WWII

    Nice collection you have there. The bomber gold clasp is a rare meybauer, The transport and the fighter clasps in bronze are both Juncker very nice and I can't say which maker for the recon but it look OK. The Glider is a ball hinge variant but missing the hinge/pin and catch. The J3 JMME ROAG, J3 Pilot and J2 Observer are very nice as well as the J3 COAG. The GWL flak is wonderful. Looking for such an example. On the para badge, it is a fake IMO. The LWGAB, i like what I see and there is very very good fake on these but yours look fine to me. Seb
  15. Sebastien T.

    Happy New Year 2016

    Happy new year everone.
  16. Hello, Its a good S&L type B. These one come with the wreath darkended. Very nice Seb
  17. Sebastien T.

    FJ portrait

    Super nice Alberto. Love the portrait a lot
  18. Which maker please and everything is good. thanks guys Seb
  19. Here the clasp. I don't see anything wrong except she's twisted which is part of the story. Its a rare clasp, a keeper for sure. I also think it could be FW 190. Good luck on your search
  20. Email them to me I'll take care of it. luftcollector@cgocable.ca For the name of the pilot it will a good research for sure.
  21. Sebastien T.

    BWB identification

    Thank Hans appreciated