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  1. Hi Stewy

    can I contact with u ?


  2. Well Bart, after asking the Pervitin question here the other week. That's the first time I've seen it in any ID, in any way, shape or form. Stewy
  3. I would've thought he'd have been transferred before they were equipped with Marders. Stewy
  4. I think I'm right in saying that this is what Pz Jag 543 (sfl) was equipped with in one of it's many chassis variants. This is the only pic I have of a Pz Jag 1
  5. Hi there, I'm not keen to be honest. Not an original ISA that I know of. Stewy
  6. Maybe his time with Pz Jag 543, went against him & as you say got thrown into the melee. Stewy
  7. Thanks Kev, that was the way I was thinking. Perhaps it was less combat in the Schlachterei kompanie, but then again he did earn the EK2 whilst serving with that unit. Stewy
  8. Did he join up as a butcher or a driver Kev? Was he transferred to Schlachterei Komp 83 (mot) due to his civvy trade? I can't find bugger all on that unit. Indeed it would be interesting to know the reason for his EK2 or were they being handed out more frivously that late in the war to vets? Stewy
  9. Hi folks, I recently got this. He was a butcher by trade, which might explain why he served with a mobile unit as a butcher/slaughter man. Also served with Pz. Jag Abt 543 & 643 (sfl). He was awarded the BWB, KVK2 w/s, EK2 & KBA in bronze. Any help with this S/B would be much appreciated. Stewy