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Found 10 results

  1. Ritterkreuz ceremony for the member of Infanterie-Regiment 16 / 22.(Luftlande) Infanterie-Division in 29 May 1940 and awarded by Generalfeldmarschall Hermann Göring. The recipients, FLTR: Oberleutnant Hermann-Albert Schrader (Chef 11.Kompanie / III.Bataillon. RK 29 May 1940), Oberstleutnant Dietrich von Choltitz (Kommandeur III.Bataillon. RK 18 May 1940), Oberst Hans Kreysing (Kommandeur Infanterie-Regiment 16. RK 18 May 1940), Oberfeldwebel August Grauting (Zugführer in Infanterie-Regiment 16. RK 29 May 1940), and Oberleutnant Dr.jur. Hellmuth Schreiber-Volkening (Chef 9.Kompanie / III.Bataillon. RK 29 May 1940)...
  2. Show us your Luftwaffe Flying Units Documents The only formal DKiG citation I have is this example that was awarded to Heinz Frister who was a Bordfunker in 4./StG 77. He was also awarded the Ehrenpokal on 9th November 1942 although unfortunately this DKiG example is the only citation of Frister's that I own. I have no idea who Frister's pilot was unfortunately. Ther eis an Adolf Weiß who was a pilot with 4./StG 77 who was awarded the Knights Cross on 29th February 1944 but I don't know if this was a case of a Knights Cross taking longer to award then a DKiG for members of the same crew or is totally unrelated. The Göring signature is the usual auto-pen variety while the hand signed signature in the bottom right corner belongs to Bruno Loerzer (RK & Pour le mérite) The small stain in the corner was on the citation when I obtained it and is possibly some sort of residue from having been kept in a frame considering how straight it is.
  3. What about showing us your Luftwaffe pilots. Pierre
  4. I thought that I would share images of this Wehrpass which is the final item to join my collection in 2016. It belongs to a long term member of the Luftwaffe who joined the Wehrmacht in 1935 and flew many transport missions as a pilot during WW-2 until his death in a flying accident in 1944. Transport related items seem to be an often ignored area for collectors, at least in the world of paper but when you consider that they often flew in hostile airspace in slow aircraft and laden with cargo or troops it is a wonder that more didn't win high honours. Without these transport crews many battles and campaigns would of floundered much sooner than they did so from a strategic point of view they were vital. The invasions of Holland in 1940 and Crete in 1941 and the resupply of Demyansk, Africa and Stalingrad all relied on the unwieldy Ju-52 transport aircraft and their crews.
  5. I recently acquired a Luftwaffe mug and would like to know if it's real or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. http://postimg.org/image/6h1o1ehe7/ http://postimg.org/image/cs6vhtimn/ http://postimg.org/image/lr1j8lcwf/ http://postimg.org/image/gd2r11n67/
  6. Hi all, wanted to show you this pict, a LW unterarzt, and probably Fänrich also. His uniform shows a couple of funny details: 1. he does no have any unteroffizier litzen. 2. His visor seems to be an upgraded EM-visor because he still seems to have waffenfarbe on the visor - not silver as normally on LW offizier. Any comments welcome.. Hans Kristian
  7. Hi all, wanted to show you this pict, a LW unterarzt, and probably Fänrich also. His uniform shows a couple of funny details: 1. he does no have any unteroffizier litzen. 2. His visor seems to be an upgraded EM-visor because he still seems to have waffenfarbe on the visor - not silver as normally on LW offizier. Any comments welcome.. Hans Kristian PS: This post can also be found in the medical forum..
  8. Hi all and Happy New Year.!!..I hope you all got into 2014 in good shape. I wanted to show you my LW oberstabsarzt (major), white cap and tunic. The cap I have shown here http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/552-show-your-luftwaffe-officer-summer-visors/?p=32103 The Tunic is one I aquired years ago; it came with fake sewn on Flak tabs, no boards and a clear attept to sewn-on 2 different types of eagles over the right breast pocket. I removed the fake tabs, and my old mother (she used to be working with clothes in the 50´s) found traces of 3 loops for the eagle. The layout of these are a bit strange anyway, the are not with the same distance, but the 2 close to the middel is close together. My mother restored them with some of my original thread. Over the left pocket the previous owner (or someone else) had put a small bar, ostmedaille, through the cloth. It has left 2 big holes and here my mother again made 2 loops that I have used for the bar you see. This was not original to the tunic but to hide the two mentioned holes. There is no traces that the tunic should have had the "normal" tabs attached with the prym Clip-ons. I have original "Prym´s" and I am considering to apply tabs if I can find the right size. What do you people think about that..?..should I do it or not.?. MY mannequin is nothing special, I apologize. Ofcourse, boards not original to the tunic, but original anyway. I hope you like the setup, comments and request for more pictures are welcome. Hans Kristian Here the eagle in close-up - the residue and traces of sewing is obvious. I did consider the wash the tunic to see if I could make the traces somewhat less obvious, but so far I have not felt this to be tempting. Eagle is unmarked but original. The board..
  9. Good morning, Here is a picture of my recently acquired Paratrooper Badge...since I"m a brand new collector, I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks!
  10. Hi guys, I have had this cap in my collection for some years, and always thought it was a copy/fake/reproduction. I talked to a friend and fellow collector here in Denmark, Jens Thune, I am sure you know him. He was not completely sure it was only a fake - he thought that maybe it could be a "real" cap. It is made from a very thin cloth, it feels a bit "cheap" (Flak-helfer..?..südfront..?.), with all the normal features. Lining from rayon, with RBN, date and size. Where I have most problems is with the eagle; the sewing is fine, but I have attached a bird that I have bought from Collectors Guild for restoring another LW cap, and there is a BIG difference between these eagles.. I still have my doubts, so I would kindly ask for your evaluation.. Here are the pic; Overall picture... Eagle and Cocarde, zig zag sewing NOT through the lining.. And here the 100% real bird...please compare the claws.. Buttons.. Stamp..