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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, some Named Ribbon Bars for sale 1. GeneralMajor Paul Goerbig-- $450.00 (Comes with Research) 2. GeneralLeutnant Theo Helmut Lieb-- $550.00 (Picture) (Biography) 3. Rear Admiral Wilhelm Tackenberg-- $240.00 (Comes with Research) (Rank List) 4. GeneralMajor Otto Korfas-- $350.00 (Comes with Research) (Rank List) 5. Corvette Captain Paul Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Wiehr-- $120.00 (Picture) 6. Vice Admiral Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohlken-- $120.00 Send me a PM for pictures I ship worldwide I accept PayPal, Postal Money Order or Bank Cashiers Check Only Offers Welcome 1. GeneralMajor Paul Goerbig (Comes with Research) http://gmic.co.uk/topic/55149-ribbon...comment-506931 2. GeneralLeutnant Theo Helmut Lieb (Picture) (Biography) http://gmic.co.uk/topic/23177-two-ww...comment-219968 These two above were in Rick Lundstroms collection 3. Rear Admiral Wilhelm Tackenberg (Comes with Research) (Rank List) http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/foru...kenberg&page=3 4. GeneralMajor Otto Korfas (Comes with Research) (Rank List) 5. Corvette Captain Paul Wilhelm Friedrich Carl Wiehr (Picture) 6. Vice Admiral Wilhelm Meendsen-Bohlken
  2. Hi: I have 2 pistols for presenting German Mauser's. Experimental Prototypes. They are similar in size to the 1911 COLT. Caliber 9 mm Parabellum (9x19 mm or 9 mm Luger). One such gun is documented in the book edition 2008 Mauser Pistolen. The other is completely unpublished and never documented in any book (in fact nobody knows how is the mechanical system). I leave my blog so they can view photos. Greetings juangomez http://experimentalpistolsmauser-nickl.blogspot.com.ar/2011/10/experimental-pistols-mauser-nickl-in-9.html
  3. Hi, I was hoping that someone might be able to identify this for me, please? It appears to be German, and I'm guessing some kind of artillery gun-sight. I've had a brief look on Google but can't yet find any image that match this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the quality of the photos!
  4. A nice looking but fake example of the guards mg battalion badge from WWI. These only came on sliders and also these lugged examples have weak details to the reverse when compared with known originals. I tend to keep duff badges as a reminder that I was stupid but also in some cases knowledge changes and what was once bad can sometimes become good.
  5. I was given this poster by my uncle which was in a box from an estate sale, I’m wondering if anyone here may know anything about the poster if it may be real or not? I haven’t removed it out of the frame because the frame has had the backing nailed on. any info would be appreciated. thanks
  6. Hey guys, I am new to both the forum scene and the collectors scene so please forgive me if this is a repeated question on one of the forums I have not read. I have always been a history nut and have always been interested in WWI particularly. I was browsing an antique store in Radium BC and I stumbled upon this gem. The label said that it was a Brodie, WWI helmet and I snapped at the opportunity of purchasing my first relic. Now I know the general details about this helmet for example. it has a soldiers name on the inside of the helmet, and it is labelled 13th battalion referring to the "Canadian Highlanders" but thats really the full extent of my knowledge about this piece. Would anyone be so kind as to tell me about the Canadian Highlanders, and about the helmet itself as well as dates it was used and what the symbols could mean like "FKS 31". And could anyone speculate as too why the strap might be broken and the inner parts missing? could it have been ripped out in battle? would that be commonplace? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time guys! Regards, A. Smith
  7. A recent pick up of a very salty semi relic Prussian bugle said to be a battlefield pickup and it was recently used to play the last post by a friend of the seller. Clearly dated 1915 and maker marked for Konrad Eschenbach a well known maker of instruments until his son took over in 1917. This type of brass bugle with nickel fitting was replaced by an all brass version later in 1915 which was then quickly superseded by an all dull iron version until wars end.
  8. As its m number suggests, this type of cap was introduced in 1915 and it was used up to the 1940 when Belgium was defeated by the Germans. The example I recently picked up is for an officer and dated to the inter war period. My understanding is that he was a junior officer with the III (3rd) division -Arabic numerals are for regiments, Roman numerals for divisions- and was with the Engineers, being black and red. If it was a collar patch is would be black with red piping, but in this case the black tassel with red piping to the cap means the same, though I am still working on this subject.
  9. A 15 star from a split trio to Frederick Thomas #21024: I live in Carmarthenshire these days and I had long wanted a medal to the local pals Bn. This came from the collection of the author Steve John who has written two books on the subject, The Carmarthen Pals and Carmarthen in the Great War, both of which I have in my library. A 1914/15 Star to Private Frederick Thomas (21024), 15th (Carmarthen) Battalion, Welsh Regiment. Frederick was one of the original members of the 15th Battalion, Welsh Regiment (known as the Carmarthen Pals) and landed in France with the Battalion on 2 December 1915. He probably served with the battalion during its famous assault on Mametz Wood in July 1916 but at some time later was medically downgraded, either due to wounds or sickness, and transferred to the Labour Corps. A nice chance to purchase a medal to one of the Carmarthen Pals. Also entitled to the British War and Victory Medals, which are missing. 15th (Service) Battalion (Carmarthenshire) Oct 1914 Formed by the Carmarthenshire County Committee as part of the 129th Brigade of the 43rd Division and then moved to Rhyl. 29.04.1915 Formation became the 114th Brigade of the 38th Division. Aug 1915 Moved to Winchester. Dec 1915 Mobilised for was and landed at Havre and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including; 1916 The Battle of Albert. (The Division suffered severe casualties and took the rest of the year to rebuild). 1917 The Battle of Pilkem, The Battle of Langemark. 1918 The Battle of Albert, The Battle of the Bapaume, The Battle of Havrincourt, The Battle of Epehy, The Battle of Beaurevoir, The Battle of Cambrai, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of the Sambre. 11.11.1918 Ended the war at Ecuelin east of Aulnoye, France. I have not taken my own pics yet as I have been in work and its late when I got in today.
  10. A recent acquisition, an officers SD named to Eaton form Aylesbury. The cap came with a very poor condition staff officers red band and metal badge, though both have obviously been resewn so they might not belong with the cap, however there were signs they had been together fro some time. The cap is in very good condition with only a few moth holes and the crown was lined with brown paper, there is no makers mark under the paper but the paper size label is of the circular form which I think is typical of WWI examples, as is the very narrow chinstrap with a riveted diamond shaped slide. It has GS buttons, kings crown and green skiver under the peak which is typical for WWI or interwars SD caps, though this feature continued in use much later on forage/dress caps. Some pix are the sellers, others are mine after the red band fell off. It also came with a set of six officers black cloth bath stars on a red backing which I think makes them for Infantry though the seller thought they were Staff officer. The seller thought the officer had served in WWI as a staff officer and then in WWII in the Home Guard.
  11. Bought this Brodie helmet and a mess kit and 6 post cards that are from WWI era. The helmet has a piece of its chin strap left in tact. I have seen only one other helmet painted with red white and blue stripes that go up and down vertically. There is a wide blue stripe around the circumference of the brim on top and underneath. The paint is faint but distinguishable. It looks professionally painted originally. I am so curious to know it's origins. I am certain these are WWI items and are not fakes. Thanks. *My picture here is enhanced so you can see the colors.
  12. WWI German shell case for the 10.5cm Le FH16 Howitzer, dated 1916. Some good pictures of the Howitzer shown on another forum. http://landships.activeboard.com/t51621247/german-105cm-le-fh16-howitzer-walkaround/?page=1
  13. Great war 14/15 star trio for 17672 Jones B, 1st Bn RWF when he was wounded by a gunshot in the arm on the first day of the battle of loos, 25th September 1915. He was from my part of Wales near Cardiff and was an engine driver when he enlisted in November 1914. As happens sometimes, his full pension/service papers survive which gives lots of details about him, height, hair colour, next of kin, units he served with, rank etc...... He was a lance corporal with the 5th home service Bn on his discharge in 1917 as unfit for active service because of his gun shot wound. It will take a few posts to get it all up.
  14. Major Godfrey Percy Burrell M.C. 1st/4th Bn. Hampshire. D.O.B. 18th March 1881 at HIgh Street, Alton, Southampton. Son of Harry Percy Burrell (profession: brewer) and Gertrude Evelyn Burrell nee Crowley. 1st Bn Hants....2nd Lieut.......................06/01/1900 1st Bn Hants....Lieut.............................18/01/1902 1st Bn Hants....Resigned........................08/03/1905..............Total 5 Yrs 61 Days 4th Bn Hants....Capt.............................05/08/1911 4th Bn Hants....Major............................27/06/1917 4th Bn Hants....Relinquished (Ill Health)....07/05/1918..............Total 6 Yrs 275 Days 4th Bn Hants....Major............................31/07/1920 4th Bn Hants....Relinquished Commission...29/03/1922..............Total 1 Yr 241 Days .................................................. ..................................Total Service 13 Yrs 212 Days In 1917, it appears that Major Burrell applied to be relieved of his appointment as Assistant Commandant at No.11 (Southport) Aircraft Acceptance Park, (Royal Flying Corps), as he apparently resented being under orders of a Captain [Hellyer] and wished to be returned to his Regiment. He seems to have had a protracted period of illness during the years covering his service. And the listing for his Military Cross; 4006 SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 17 APRIL, 1916. Awarded the Military Cross. Captain Godfrey Percy Burrell, I/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (T.F.). http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issu.../4006/page.pdf
  15. Hello everyone! I am in possesion of an old stahlhelm (I searched on the internet and I think it could be an Austro-Hungarian M1917), which was found a couple of decades ago in an attic... before it has been used as a flowerbox (!!) for many years - given that the village where it was used was on the frontline between Italy and Austria, and so after the war those helmets were very easy to found around. As you can see in the pictures it has been repainted, but the big problem is that inside it is in horrible conditions; I would like then to remove at least the rust and maybe restore it as far as it is possible... Do you think it would be possible? Thank you very much!
  16. Good evening everyone Newbie here - I thought I would post my small collection of awards - I hope you like
  17. I have thought long and hard before buying this group and even now it still disturbs me a bit to think that this is all that remains of a young man who paid the ultimate price for his service to his country. i mentioned this group in a thread a few weeks back and I am still not sure that buying these was the best thing to do, though at least now they will again be honoured and displayed with pride for this gallant Welshman who died in the service of his nation. He must have been well loved and missed as the plaque has been polished so often his name has almost been removed from the years of polishing it. The frames are home made and the items had already been removed when I bought them and hints that perhaps his family had little money or maybe they were lovingly hand made by a relative, though sadly now are a bit worse for the passing of so many years and appear to have been neglected for some time. He was born in Newquay in Cardiganshire and died of his wounds on the 31st of July in 1917 after service in France & Flanders. He enlisted in Pentre in Glamorganshire into the 11th Service (2nd Gwent) Battalion of the South Wales Borderers, his service number was 44388 and his name was John Davies and he was a private. They came from a local dealer who removed them from their frames, partly because of their condition and also to be able to read the details on the Victory Medal to enable them to be researched and I am not sure whether it would be best to attempt to restore the original frames or have them re-framed by a professional framer. I downloaded his medal index card from the national archives at Kew and they were not helpful, though I did a search on the Great War Forum from which I was able to find out that his battalion took part in the assault on Pilckem ridge as part of the 115th brigade, 38th Welsh division on the date he died of his wounds so it is likely that he took part in this battle. It was the opening battle of the third battle of Ypres. Battle of Pilckem Ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 38th (Welsh) Infantry Division - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the second link shows the units in the 115th brigade 38th division.