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Found 21 results

  1. Jerry B

    Border regiment

    Or's sadly missing its slider, sandcast example so possibly theater made.
  2. I have heard that there is asbestos in Mark 1 Brodie's, but what about M1917A1s? If so is it in the wool strip in the helmet?
  3. Hi all this is my first post. I found my step-father’s father’s and grand-father’s british brodie helmets from ww1 and ww2. I need help identifying some markings on the second world war brodie. I am pretty sure the ww2 helmet was worn protecting/ patrolling the British Houses of Parliament after he was injured in standard service. Here is an image ( sorry for bad quality) There are 3 letters painted on the front i think it could be either one of these combinations: DPH DPB OPB OPH NPH NPB I have looked on a couple brodie specialist websites and can’t find anything. Sorry for the long post and thanks for any info you can give me, Tom
  4. 1956 dated British Airborne forces steel parachute combat helmet. It has a dark two tone brown and green textured camo paint job with various signs of flashes and numbers on the side and also to the rear as well as traces of more than one name inside it. Shell is made by ROC and the liner by CCL.
  5. Hi Can anyone help? Recently acquired. To me it looks like a light grey or blue colour, others claim it's green. Joseph Sankey & Sons 1939 and matching liner. Also has "K8" stamped which I presume is a batch number? Would this helmet been issued to the forces? If so, army, naval or air force. Thanks for any information in advance.
  6. Here are a few pieces of SAS insignia from my collection. I will do a few more later. SAS Malayan Scouts arm shields This is my favourite of badges and in particular from my collection (The 2nd one). The 2nd came from a friend who was in the MS and served with A and D Squadrons. All insignia is hand made which is what i like about them, but also opens up to fakes. Hence why i dont show the rears of these pieces. enjoy
  7. NWMedal

    North West Medal

    Hello Fellow Collectors I am new to the forum and welcome the opportunity to get to know you. I have a small online militaria business, North West Medal, based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada and been in business for 15 years. I deal primarily in Canadian and British medals, but also carry some German and other foreign material. I invite you all to drop into my website from time to time as you never know what treasures may show up. I believe my items are competitively priced and I am always open to considering fair offers. I offer a 14 day return policy and deal in authentic pieces, with the occasional Reproduction piece. Link: http://www.northwestmedal.com/
  8. Recently found this WW1 british medical bag, It is ID'd to the 23rd East Lancashire Field Ambulance "A" section. It's is great shape overall. I don't normally pick up British items, but I could tell this was worth picking up without having to pay too much. My knowledge is limited on this bag, and any input would be greatly appreciated.
  9. WW2 plastic economy issue, made by Roanoid Plastics Limited, one of 54,570 made.
  10. I have been reading the forums and searching for images about Home Guard helmets and from what I can gather nearly all were painted olive green, over their factory grey Mk II 2variant. Was this just the outer shell or did it depend on the unit, time of issue, manufacturer? I ask as I have seen a 2B mild steel variant with grey dome and and sand textured shell. The helmet's condition and paint wear tallies to me. I am looking forward to your thoughts on this? Oli
  11. British army spoon from WWII. Broad arrow marked, 1942 dated and made by Dixon.
  12. I would like to share a seldom encountered cap, as it seems to me that the Forage versions turn up more often. It's a British General Officer's service dress cap dating to mid/late war period, with its correct Kings crown badge and gilt side buttons. Unfortunately it is not named, but is in a fantastic condition and is a great example of a floppy styled cap.
  13. Major Godfrey Percy Burrell M.C. 1st/4th Bn. Hampshire. D.O.B. 18th March 1881 at HIgh Street, Alton, Southampton. Son of Harry Percy Burrell (profession: brewer) and Gertrude Evelyn Burrell nee Crowley. 1st Bn Hants....2nd Lieut.......................06/01/1900 1st Bn Hants....Lieut.............................18/01/1902 1st Bn Hants....Resigned........................08/03/1905..............Total 5 Yrs 61 Days 4th Bn Hants....Capt.............................05/08/1911 4th Bn Hants....Major............................27/06/1917 4th Bn Hants....Relinquished (Ill Health)....07/05/1918..............Total 6 Yrs 275 Days 4th Bn Hants....Major............................31/07/1920 4th Bn Hants....Relinquished Commission...29/03/1922..............Total 1 Yr 241 Days .................................................. ..................................Total Service 13 Yrs 212 Days In 1917, it appears that Major Burrell applied to be relieved of his appointment as Assistant Commandant at No.11 (Southport) Aircraft Acceptance Park, (Royal Flying Corps), as he apparently resented being under orders of a Captain [Hellyer] and wished to be returned to his Regiment. He seems to have had a protracted period of illness during the years covering his service. And the listing for his Military Cross; 4006 SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 17 APRIL, 1916. Awarded the Military Cross. Captain Godfrey Percy Burrell, I/4th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment (T.F.). http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issu.../4006/page.pdf
  14. A recent find and not something I have seen before though following research I found another example and also a paper version with the same design. It is a framed ceramic plaque commemorating one of the fallen of the Great War, a Private William Williams of the South Wales Borderers. It is a beautiful but sad reminder of his death in the service of his country. Sadly there were 19 Private William Williams who fell whilst serving with the SWB, so it is impossible to find out which one he was without any more information than I have, though it was bought local to me but came from an old collection, so it could have been from anywhere in Wales or the UK. The design shows that the main plaque was produced as a blank pro forma and the individuals details are added as a separate part of the process. It must have been expensive to buy at the time and as so few survive, being made of fine china they must have often been broken and it is not known to me how many were made, it is probably a rare survivor from that period. Name, Rank, Service Number, Date of Death, Age, Regiment / Service, Service Country, Grave /Memorial Reference, Cemetery / Memorial Name WILLIAMS, W Private 39398 25/02/1917 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom I. I. 14. SUCRERIE MILITARY CEMETERY, COLINCAMPS WILLIAMS, W E Private 12079 04/02/1917 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom V. H. 17. A.I.F. BURIAL GROUND, FLERS WILLIAMS, W H Private 67794 03/11/1918 18 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom North of Church. RHUDDLAN (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD WILLIAMS, W P Private 18852 31/03/1916 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom III. H. 21. ST. PATRICK'S CEMETERY, LOOS WILLIAMS, W T Private 40731 15/08/1917 28 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom XXII. P. 15. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY WILLIAMS, WALTER GEORGE Private 22493 02/03/1916 28 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom V. A. 58. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 4/13281 09/11/1917 25 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom E. 1085. KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 12652 09/08/1915 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 80 to 84 or 219 and 220. HELLES MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 31474 09/02/1918 28 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 65 to 66. TYNE COT MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 14084 30/04/1917 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 16 and 62. BASRA MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 200917 09/06/1917 29 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom III. C. 150. BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORD WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 13022 03/12/1917 22 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Addenda Panel. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM DANIEL Private 14520 25/07/1916 24 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom X. G. 33. CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HAMILTON Private 25424 21/11/1917 19 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 5. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HENRY Private 14682 30/07/1916 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Pier and Face 4 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JOHN Private 10655 18/02/1917 31 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Pier and Face 4 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JOHN Private 20903 03/03/1916 22 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom III. D. 35. LE TOURET MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE WILLIAMS, WILLIAM MITCHELL Private 16417 01/07/1916 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Pier and Face 4 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM THOMAS Private 16911 30/05/1918 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom SOISSONS MEMORIAL
  15. A pre 1941 version of the RN clasp knive, with the copper attachment loop. It is named to its former owner who was probably a Petty Officer on the HMS wild swan when she was attacked and sunk by German Ju 88 bombers on the 17th June 1942. He was rescued but died of his wounds the following day. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Wild_Swan_(D62) ALLEN, WILLIAM GEORGE Rank: Petty Officer Service No: P/JX 129528 Date of Death: 18/06/1942 Age: 31 Regiment/Service: Royal Navy H.M.S. Wild Swan Panel Reference Panel 62, Column 2. Memorial PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL Additional Information:Son of Henry John and Elizabeth Allen, of St. Helen's, Isle of Wight. http://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/2490882/ALLEN,%20WILLIAM%20GEORGE http://www.naval-history.net/xDKCas1942-06JUN.htm
  16. This is my personal website based around my WW2 uniform and headgear collection, in the form of an on-line museum. The collection is mainly focused on WWII but does have examples from other eras. The main categories are Great Britain and the USA, but I also have "exhibits" from France and Germany, such as helmets and gas masks. I have also added some interesting information to help research and referencing, as well as book reviews and other info which collectors may find useful and interesting. You can find the website here: http://www.theocadcollection.com/ Thanks for looking!
  17. Always nice to see cap badges where they belong, on their original caps. My 3 FS caps for the 3 main Welch regiments, no offence to the Welsh Guards, but they were only formed during WWI and the others have much longer histories than that. They are, left to right, Royal Welch Fusiliers -officers coloured FS cap-, the Welch Regiment -OR's FS cap- and the South Wales Borderers -OR's coloured FS cap.
  18. A good reference book for military field items from the period prior to the end of the 19th century, well illustrated with water colour images taken from original surviving examples in museums and collections. Published in 2006 by the Crowood Press. A few sample pages are shown below. Included in the 2nd picture is the Waterbottle MKIV 1895 pattern and I have one of these in my collection. http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/1992-boer-war-period-british-army-water-canteen/#entry7573
  19. Picked up a while back to a man local to me, he was ex Royal Artillery, Lt-Col Joseph Jacob Davies OBE TD and he was awarded his OBE in the 1974 new years honours list for services to wales.
  20. The list of makers, the badges produced with quantities, as known. (This list was copied by another from the relevant WO orders etc and was published in a magazine in the 70's or 80's and was sent to me as a word file, by the author I think. The information is freely available and does not infringe any copyright laws as far as I am aware). MANUFACTURERS The following firms were involved in the production of plastic cap badges between 1942 and 1946: Alfred Stanley and Sons Ltd AS 10-02-42 to 11-12-45 Fraser and Glass F&G 21-03-42 to 28-11-43 Plastic Fashions PF 09-04-42 to 30-05-45 Jarrett, Rainsford and Laughton Ltd JRL 18-04-42 to 05-09-45 Hopf Products Ltd HP 28-10-42 to 04-06-46 Combined Optical Industries COI 26-02-43 to 26-02-45 W H Haseler Ltd WH 16-07-43 Roanoid Plastics Ltd (Birmingham) RPL 20-08-43 to 05-09-45 Mentmore Manufacturing Co Ltd MMC 15-11-43 to 04-06-46 London Association for the Blind LAB 07-11-44 to 05-09-45 Firms enlisted for early experimental work in 1941, but who did not receive subsequent contracts were Injection Moulders Ltd., United Development Association and Barnet Comb Co Ltd. The badges made and the quantities. Unit and contract date Total production Production per manufacturer CORPS Army Air Corps 77,928 AS, all 26-05-42 – 19-06-45 Army Catering Corps 239,040 F&G, 68,162 25-07-42 – 05-09-45 AS, 170,878 Army Education Corps 900 PF, all 30-05-45 Army Physical Training Corps 3,830 LAB, all 07-11-44 – 05-09-45 Corps of Military Police 107,369 AS, all 14-03-42 – 05-09-45 General Service Corps 376,351 AS, all 09-07-42 – 15-04-44 Intelligence Corps 11,232 LAB, all 7-11-44 – 18-11-44 Pioneer Corps 893,901 AS, all 10-07-42 – 05-09-45 Reconnaissance Corps 129,464 AS, 99,416 10-07-42 – 05-09-45 WH, 30,048 Royal Armoured Corps 144,592 AS, all 06-01-44 – 20-06-45 Royal Army Medical Corps 196,736 AS, all 13-03-42 – 23-06-45 Royal Army Ordnance Corps 483,386 F&G, 310,000 21-03-42 – 05-09-45 MMC, 173,296 Royal Army Service Corps 977,752 AS, 912,752 10-02-42 – 05-09-45 F&G, 65,000 Royal Corps of Signals 307,253 AS, all 14-03-42 – 11-12-45 Royal Elec & Mech Engineers 642,814 PF, 184,268 09-09-42 – 05-09-45 MMC, 408,546 F&G, 50,000 Royal Engineers 762,456 AS, all 14-03-42 – 05-09-45 REGIMENTS Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 46,737 RPL, all 05-10-43 – 05-09-45 Beds and Herts Regiment 36,248 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Black Watch 31,928 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Border Regiment 40,408 AS, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 Buckinghamshire Battalion 11,680 COI, 10,680 17-06-44 - 05-09-45 LAB, 1,000 The Buffs 36,864 AS, all 06-01-44 – 02-12-44 Cambridgeshire Regiment 26,959 COI, 17,488 26-02-43 – 28-03-44 MMC, 9,471 Cheshire Regiment 58,311 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Devonshire Regiment 69,048 AS, all 19-08-42 – 02-12-44 Dorsetshire Regiment 22,873 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Durham Light Infantry 129,901 MMC, 82,525 24-03-43 – 04-06-46 COI, 47,376 Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 41,416 AS, all 24-03-43 – 18-06-45 Duke of Wellington's Regiment 63,072 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 East Lancashire Regiment 33,592 JRL, all 28-11-43 - 05-09-45 East Surrey Regiment 53,870 LAB, 31,838 07-11-44 – 21-02-45 COI, 22,032 East Yorkshire Regiment 54,024 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Essex Regiment 70,848 AS, all 24-03-43 – 06-01-44 Gloucestershire Regiment 28-10-43 Front 62,784 JRL, all 06-01-44 Back 52,128 AS, all Green Howards 38,700 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Grenadier Guards 21,072 F&G, all 02-11-43 Hampshire Regiment 104,544 AS, all 19-09-42 – 06-01-44 Highland Light Infantry 32,741 PF, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 Highland Regiment 5,000 AS, all 06-09-42 King's Own Royal Regiment 23,104 F&G, 13,104 02-11-43 – 26-11-45 AS, 10,000 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 45,652 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 King's Regiment (Liverpool) 40,032 HP, all 28-10-43 King's Royal Rifle Corps 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 King's Crown 78,920 HP, all 08-07-52 Queen's Crown 3,500 LAB, all King's Shropshire Light Infantry 38,980 AS, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 Lancashire Fusiliers 44,332 F&G, 32,832 28-11-43 – 26-11-45 AS, 11,500 Leicestershire Regiment 24,120 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Lincolnshire Regiment 62,988 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Loyal Regiment 23,040 JRL, all 28-10-43 Manchester Regiment 58,520 AS, all 24-03-43 - 05-09-45 Middlesex Regiment 80,192 F&G, 63,504 16-10-42 – 09-12-44 LAB, 16,688 North Staffordshire Regiment 47,957 F&G, 15,120 02-11-43 - 05-09-45 MMC, 32,837 Northamptonshire Regiment 41,520 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Parachute Regiment 118,456 RPL, all 20-08-43 - 05-09-45 South Lancashire Regiment 18,096 F&G, 12,096 02-11-43 – 26-11-45 AS, 6,000 Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 21,936 AS, all 27-07-45 - 05-09-45 Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regt 53,216 HP, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Queen's Royal Regt (West Surrey) 64,104 HP, all 28-10-43 – 04-06-46 Rifle Brigade 54,570 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Royal Artillery 02-04-43 Gun pattern for service dress cap 29,232 PF, all 10-02-42 – 02-11-45 Grenade, for FSC and OSD collar) 666,232 F&G, 175,000 pairs AS, 491,232 pairs Royal Fusiliers 43,920 AS, all 26-07-45 Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 23,856 PF, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 Royal Irish Fusiliers 11,088 PF, all 06-01-44 Royal Northumberland Fusiliers 55,850 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Royal Scots 34,466 AS, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 Royal Sussex Regiment 32,064 HP, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 Royal Tank Regiment 77,728 AS, all 06-01-44 – 19-06-45 Royal Ulster Rifles 25,192 PF, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 Royal Welch Fusiliers 77,704 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Scots Guards 5,040 F&G, all 02-11-43 Sherwood Foresters 64,400 PF, all 06-01-44 - 05-09-45 South Staffordshire Regiment 40,428 HP, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 South Wales Borderers 34,543 RPL, all 05-10-43 - 05-09-45 Suffolk Regiment 35,624 F&G, 29,624 16-10-42 – 26-11-45 AS, 6,000 Welch Regiment 81,360 AS, all 24-03-43 – 26-05-44 West Yorkshire Regiment No information available Wiltshire Regiment 54,636 JRL, all 28-10-43 - 05-09-45 York and Lancaster Regiment 45,116 AS, all 24-03-43 – 06-01-44 FREE FORCES Polish Army 136,500 AS, all 29-01-44 – 18-06-45 Polish 12th Podolski Lancers No information Polish Air Force 12,000 AS, all 29-01-44 Polish WAAF 6,850 AS, all 21-07-45 Free French Colonial Troops 25,000 MMC, all 09-09-43 ROYAL MARINES Cap badge 150,000 AS, all 18-06-45 – 03-08-45 Collar badge 50,000 AS, all 18-06-45 ROYAL AIR FORCE Cap badge, officers 21,000 JRL, all 07-10-42 – 30-03-45 Cap badge, other airmen 570,050 AS, 410,000 18-04-42 – 07-04-44 JRL, 160,050 AIR MINISTRY CONSTABULARY Cap badge 23-09-43 – 18-06-45 6,202 AS, all Initials "AMC", collar badge 09-06-43 – 24-01-45 39,000 AS, all Shoulder strap letters, A-Z, 0-9 various quantities AS, all 09-06-43 – 24-01-45 AIR TRAINING CORPS Cap badge 90,000 AS, all 03-11-42 – 14-12-42 Collar badge 199,000 AS, all 03-11-42 – 06-08-43 WOMEN'S UNITS Auxiliary Territorial Service 254,000 JRL, all 26-09-42 – 11-08-44 Timber Corps (Women's Land Army) 8,000+ AS, all 06-10-42 - ? Home Guard, Women Auxiliaries 100,000 AS, all 08-06-43 COMMONWEALTH REGIMENTS AND UNITS King's Own Malta Regiment 17,856 AS, all 17-09-42 – 17-11-43 Royal West African Frontier Force 150,464 AS, all 29-06-42 – 18-06-45 Royal Malta Artillery 30,358 AS, all 19-02-42 – 19-11-42 Cyprus Regiment 13,120 F&G, 27,504 02-11-43 – 09-03-45 MMC, 5,616 MISCELLANEOUS BADGES Woman's Land Army Proficiency 25,000 AS, all 04-11-43 Salvage Stewards Cog design pin brooch (red) 500,000 F&G, all 27-10-42 "S" design pin brooch (red) 300,000 F&G, all 27-10-42 "S" design pin brooch (blue) 100,000 F&G, all 27-10-42 Fuel Watchers (light blue pin brooch) 40,000 F&G, all 17-12-42 King's Commendation, Brave Conduct 15,350 F&G, all 05-02-43 – 16-09-43 RANK BADGES (a) Army Stars 367,792+ AS, all (all colours, large and small) 22-05-42 - ? Crowns 78,058+ AS, all (all colours, large and small) 16-02-42 - ? (b) Royal Air Force Crowns 445,000 AS, all (for Flight Sgts) The badge not on this list known from a single example is for the Monmouthshire Regiment.
  21. Posting a link to this group photo taken sometime in late 1939 to before the end of 1940. The two officers both went on to have illustrious careers with the army, with one winning the DSO and the other being mentioned in dispatches twice. http://www.historicalwarmilitariaforum.com/topic/5437-ramc-group-including-bill-anderson-dso-airlanding-and-commando-medic/#entry26066