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Found 9 results

  1. A victory medal for Samuel Osborne #'s 2289/TR4-21696/58092 Samuel was the son of George and Miriam Louisa Osborne, of Menai Cottage, Bangor, Caernarvonshire. He had originally enlisted into the Welsh Guards, but was discharged after being found to be under-age and re-enlisted on 7 February 1917, age 17 years and 10 months, joining the 62nd Training Reserve Battalion, the 12th Reserve battalion of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers being sent to Kinmel Park classified as a Young Soldier. In November 1917 he was posted to France, joining the 9th Battalion, Welsh Regiment, which was attached to 58 Brigade, 19th (Western) Division. He saw plenty of action during the following year, when the 19th Division was caught up in the three main German offensives, first on the Somme, then on the Lys and finally on the Aisne in April. Each time the 9th Welsh was virtually annihilated, so Samuel was lucky to have survived this tumultuous period. His luck ran out when he was killed in action during the battalions’ final battle of the war, on 4 November 1918 aged 19. He is buried in Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-Au-Bois, France. He was also entitled to the British War Medal, which is missing. he died less than a week before the end of the war after first joining up too young and even when he died he was still only 19. He gave his all, let us not forget him. A brief history of 9/Welsh Regiment. 9th (Service) Battalion Sept 9th 1914 Formed at Cardiff as part of the K2 Second New Army and then moved to Salisbury Plain to join the 58th Brigade of the 19th (western)Division then moved to billets in Basingstoke, November 1914. Jan 1915 Moved to Weston-super-Mare and then Perham Down in May 1915. July 1915 Mobilised for war and landed at Havre and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including; 1915 The Action of Pietre; diversionary action during the Battle of Loos 1916 The Battle of Albert, The attacks on High Wood, The Battle of Pozieres Ridge, The Battle of the Ancre Heights, The Battle of the Ancre. 1917 The Battle of Messines, The Battle of the Menin Road Ridge, The Battle of Polygon Wood, The Battle of Broodseinde, The Battle of Poelcapelle, First Battle of Passchendaele, The Second Battle of Passchendaele. 1918 The Battle of St Quentin, The Battle of Bapaume, The Battle of Messines, The Battle of Bailleul, The First Battle of Kemmel Ridge, The Battle of the Aisne, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of the Sambre and the passage of the Grand Honelle. 11.11.1918 Ended the war at Wargnies north of Le Quesnoy, France.
  2. A few pictures from a split up photo album that was listed on ebay a while back. I only got three out of the the lot as others outbid me on many of them. Many are of the 3rd BN RWF, but others are with a Canadian unit in the Trenches and also there were lots of family pics. I copied a few of the pics I did not get, but most have been split up, so sad. The three I got. It seems even senior officers like a laugh. Strike a pose. The three amigos.
  3. A 15 star from a split trio to Frederick Thomas #21024: I live in Carmarthenshire these days and I had long wanted a medal to the local pals Bn. This came from the collection of the author Steve John who has written two books on the subject, The Carmarthen Pals and Carmarthen in the Great War, both of which I have in my library. A 1914/15 Star to Private Frederick Thomas (21024), 15th (Carmarthen) Battalion, Welsh Regiment. Frederick was one of the original members of the 15th Battalion, Welsh Regiment (known as the Carmarthen Pals) and landed in France with the Battalion on 2 December 1915. He probably served with the battalion during its famous assault on Mametz Wood in July 1916 but at some time later was medically downgraded, either due to wounds or sickness, and transferred to the Labour Corps. A nice chance to purchase a medal to one of the Carmarthen Pals. Also entitled to the British War and Victory Medals, which are missing. 15th (Service) Battalion (Carmarthenshire) Oct 1914 Formed by the Carmarthenshire County Committee as part of the 129th Brigade of the 43rd Division and then moved to Rhyl. 29.04.1915 Formation became the 114th Brigade of the 38th Division. Aug 1915 Moved to Winchester. Dec 1915 Mobilised for was and landed at Havre and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including; 1916 The Battle of Albert. (The Division suffered severe casualties and took the rest of the year to rebuild). 1917 The Battle of Pilkem, The Battle of Langemark. 1918 The Battle of Albert, The Battle of the Bapaume, The Battle of Havrincourt, The Battle of Epehy, The Battle of Beaurevoir, The Battle of Cambrai, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of the Sambre. 11.11.1918 Ended the war at Ecuelin east of Aulnoye, France. I have not taken my own pics yet as I have been in work and its late when I got in today.
  4. Picked up today was his British War medal, and his MIC notes he was 1/1st Bn of the SW Borderers which was the 1st line battalion of the Brecknockshires Territorial bn of the regiment as the first Bn of the Bords was known as 1/SWBords and not 1st/1st. His low number and the fact he was renumbered also backs this up. I no longer have ancestry so I cannot find out if any of his papers other than his MIC have survived.
  5. A rare image of a member of the Friends Ambulance unit, mostly formed of Quakers and conscientious objectors. Sadly no written details on the reverse and though he is probably the father of the two others, it is perhaps a bit odd that they were also not friends.
  6. I picked this up yesterday, a complete set for the game crown and anchor. It was originally popular with the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic period but by the great war was also very popular with the army, though it was banned and is still an ilegal game to play for money as it like all gambling games favours the banker. I already owned a hand carved bone scrimshaw dice that I found about 20 years back on the beach at Penarth and I have always wanted to add a complete set to my collection. The board for this set is well used and might be home made and is impossible to date whilst the set of 3 dice are probably circa WW1, again hard to date I think. The game is frequently mentioned in the literature of the great war and can also be seen in images from the times.
  7. A buy it now from the bay. Royal artillery Territorial force officers forage cap, for a Major or Lt Colonel. The RA TF was formed from the Volunteer force in 1908 and after WWI was granted the right to wear the "normal" RA gun badge, prior to that they wore a version with laurel leaves on the upper scroll instead of the word Ubique. The maker of the cap, Hamburger, Rogers & Co. were well known military outfitters who had been in existence for many years, originally established in 1750, 1796 R. and H. Hewetson. 1814 Hamburger and Co. 1827 Hamburger, Harwood and Co. 1839 Hamburger, Rogers and Co. then from 1841 when Rogers joined as Hamburger, Rogers & Co, Kings st, London, until they went out of business in 1917, though some sources claim Rogers joined in 1839. They were best known for supplying swords and headgear, though originally they were renown suppliers of lace for the Royal family and for military uniforms. The condition is not too bad, though only a fragment of the chinstrap survives and there is some moth tracking on the crown.
  8. A recent find and not something I have seen before though following research I found another example and also a paper version with the same design. It is a framed ceramic plaque commemorating one of the fallen of the Great War, a Private William Williams of the South Wales Borderers. It is a beautiful but sad reminder of his death in the service of his country. Sadly there were 19 Private William Williams who fell whilst serving with the SWB, so it is impossible to find out which one he was without any more information than I have, though it was bought local to me but came from an old collection, so it could have been from anywhere in Wales or the UK. The design shows that the main plaque was produced as a blank pro forma and the individuals details are added as a separate part of the process. It must have been expensive to buy at the time and as so few survive, being made of fine china they must have often been broken and it is not known to me how many were made, it is probably a rare survivor from that period. Name, Rank, Service Number, Date of Death, Age, Regiment / Service, Service Country, Grave /Memorial Reference, Cemetery / Memorial Name WILLIAMS, W Private 39398 25/02/1917 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom I. I. 14. SUCRERIE MILITARY CEMETERY, COLINCAMPS WILLIAMS, W E Private 12079 04/02/1917 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom V. H. 17. A.I.F. BURIAL GROUND, FLERS WILLIAMS, W H Private 67794 03/11/1918 18 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom North of Church. RHUDDLAN (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD WILLIAMS, W P Private 18852 31/03/1916 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom III. H. 21. ST. PATRICK'S CEMETERY, LOOS WILLIAMS, W T Private 40731 15/08/1917 28 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom XXII. P. 15. ETAPLES MILITARY CEMETERY WILLIAMS, WALTER GEORGE Private 22493 02/03/1916 28 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom V. A. 58. BETHUNE TOWN CEMETERY WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 4/13281 09/11/1917 25 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom E. 1085. KARASOULI MILITARY CEMETERY WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 12652 09/08/1915 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 80 to 84 or 219 and 220. HELLES MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 31474 09/02/1918 28 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 65 to 66. TYNE COT MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 14084 30/04/1917 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 16 and 62. BASRA MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 200917 09/06/1917 29 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom III. C. 150. BAILLEUL COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION, NORD WILLIAMS, WILLIAM Private 13022 03/12/1917 22 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Addenda Panel. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM DANIEL Private 14520 25/07/1916 24 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom X. G. 33. CATERPILLAR VALLEY CEMETERY, LONGUEVAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HAMILTON Private 25424 21/11/1917 19 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Panel 5. CAMBRAI MEMORIAL, LOUVERVAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM HENRY Private 14682 30/07/1916 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Pier and Face 4 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JOHN Private 10655 18/02/1917 31 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Pier and Face 4 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM JOHN Private 20903 03/03/1916 22 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom III. D. 35. LE TOURET MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE WILLIAMS, WILLIAM MITCHELL Private 16417 01/07/1916 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom Pier and Face 4 A. THIEPVAL MEMORIAL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM THOMAS Private 16911 30/05/1918 South Wales Borderers United Kingdom SOISSONS MEMORIAL
  9. Hello everyone! I am in possesion of an old stahlhelm (I searched on the internet and I think it could be an Austro-Hungarian M1917), which was found a couple of decades ago in an attic... before it has been used as a flowerbox (!!) for many years - given that the village where it was used was on the frontline between Italy and Austria, and so after the war those helmets were very easy to found around. As you can see in the pictures it has been repainted, but the big problem is that inside it is in horrible conditions; I would like then to remove at least the rust and maybe restore it as far as it is possible... Do you think it would be possible? Thank you very much!