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Found 25 results

  1. Greetings, Thought I would share some tallies for you. Also, let me get a chance to use the forum and features. Don't mind me I am having fun. :) Regards, JustinG
  2. Greetings, I am curious. I have been trying to go through my database looking for examples of all the named Zerstörer of the Kriegsmarine. the Problem is, there is so many discrepencies. I am very curious on what is a reliable sources. For example, Zerstörer Wolfgang Zenker. I have a pillowcase that shows it being number 61 but a photo postcard published saying the hull number is 63 as well. I have been unable to find out when the hull number was changed and why? Anyone care to help Best Regards, JustinG
  3. Thanks for looking at my collection. I wish to say that I am going to put up items from my collection and share them with you fine individuals. If you have an item that you would like to share or a question on a particular piece that is not in my collection, I humbly ask that you do not post it here. Please start a separate thread. Comments, if you have other questions or requests are appreciated. I am posting this because on several other sites, others have jumped in and posted their items or asked opinions about originality of an item like a Mützenband or a Schiffswappen. I thank you for looking at my collection. Greetings, Well, It is about time to share some of my collection. I recently acquired this grouping from another long time collector. I am grateful to him for giving me the opportunity to acquire this. This ship has a well chronicled history. A unit that operated very successfully despite being up against incredible odds. If you have never heard of this ship or it's exploits, there are several good books out there to check out. On the lifebouy, the words SMS Emden are written in Gray lettering. it is very faint and is difficult to photo but I assure you it says S.M.S Emden. Thanks, JustinG
  4. Greetings, Well a month ago, I did not have a collection but thanks to making a few inquiries, I have amassed several fine pieces that are on their way to my collection in Alaska. I am indeed happy to add these to my collection. Regards, JustinG Köln, Königsberg, Nurnberg, Gneisenau, Admiral Scheer, Deutschland.
  5. Show us your Kriegsmarine Award Documents DO NOT POST U-BOOT RELATED MATERIAL, PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING LINKS TO EXCELLENT U-BOOT REFERENCE THREADS: - Show us your U-boot Award Documents - Award documents for the U-Boat Badge - U-Boat Death Cards - Uboot Sterbebilder ================================================================================================== I've had this for a while now but it is still one of my favourite KM sets. It is an EK II & I set to the eventual Second-in-Command of the Scharnhorst. Ernst Dominik won the DKiG and died when Scharnhorst was sunk by British Naval forces in the Barents Sea in December 1943. Both EK citations have darkened with age. The EK II is dated for 29th November 1939 and the only thing I can think of for his being awarded this is the attack on the British Northern Patrol which saw the sinking of the Armed Merchant Cruiser HMS Rawalpindi. Dominik joined Scharnhorst in January 1939, serving as her Flak Gunnery Officer, her Gunnery Officer and then rose to be her Second-in-Command in April 1943. A nice little extra is the small transparent folder that holds the EK citations and has a sketch of the Scharnhorst on it. EK II - Dated for November 1939 and signed by Wilhelm Marschall. EK I - Dated for July 1940 and signed by Günther Lütjens. Promotion - Dated for 1939 and signed by Erich Raeder. Scharnhorst: Kommandanten 01.1939 - 10.1939: Kapitän zur See Otto Ciliax 10.1939 - 03.1942: Kapitän zur See Kurt Caesar Hoffmann 03.1942 - 10.1943: Kapitän zur See Friedrich Hüffmeier 10.1943 - 12.1943: Kapitän zur See Fritz Hintze Erste Offiziere (IO): 01.1939 - 09.1941: Kapitän zur See Günther Schubert 09.1941 - 03.1942: Fregattenkapitän Hilmar Schroeter 03.1942 - 04.1943: Kapitän zur See Helmuth Gießler 04.1943 - 12.1943: Fregattenkapitän Ernst Dominik Navigationsoffiziere (NO): 01.1939 - 03.1941: Fregattenkapitän Helmuth Gießler 03.1942 - 02.1943: Fregattenkapitän Achim Teubner 02.1943 - 12.1943: Korvettenkapitän Edgar Lanz Erste Artillerieoffiziere (IAO): 01.1939 - 04.1941: Fregattenkapitän Wolf Löwisch 04.1941 - 02.1943: Korvettenkapitän Ernst Dominik 04.1943 - 12.1943: Korvettenkapitän Walter Bredenbreuker
  6. Hi All, I have great difficulties finding soldbücher and/or wehrpässe from kriegsmarine medical personnel. If anyone should have some for share or sale I would be most happy to be contacted. Best regards, Hans Kristian
  7. Was looking through the new update of Militaria Plaza and stumbled upon this pillow of Panzerschiff Admiral Graf Spee (source: https://militariaplaza.nl/miscellaneous-21/km-panzerschiff-admiral-graf-spee-pillow-detail). Are these authentic and are there more versions of such (authentic) pillows?
  8. Hello! I'm a bit new to this forum, but I heard this is a good place to look for stuff. I'm in the market for Kriegsmarine-era Schiffwappens, but they're so hard to find. I'm looking for schiffswappens from these ships: -Admiral Hipper-class (mostly Blucher or Admiral Hipper, though I prefer the former more since he was a cooler historical figure ) -Deutschland-class (anything but Graf Spee) -Scharnhorst-class Feel free to reply on this thread or private message me. We can discuss business further from here. I might ask members of this forum to scrutinize the pieces to ensure authenticity. Thanks!
  9. ]Hey All, It has been long since I last posted, but I really need your help. This is a very beautiful Portrait that I have form Admiraloberstabsarzt Professor Alfred Fikentscher - I have cropped it somewhat for security. Can any of you supply me with information about this man..?..I have only what Wikipedia tells about him and what I find here and there on the internet. Anything will be highly appreciated..!!.. Best, Hans Kristian IMG_20141005_0001_redA_red.tif IMG_20141005_0001_redA_red.tif
  10. JustinG

    Ship pins

    Greetings, I recently just purchased this lovely Kreuzer Emden pin. I have already had a Kreuzer Karlsruhe pin in my collection and I haven't seen another pin produced like this for any of the other Kreuzer's. There are (Lapel stick pins) Nadel pins for units like the Tigervorverbände and for the Tirpitz and such, but I haven't seen any other examples of the Kreuzer or other ships in this fashion. Here are the two examples I have.
  11. Greetings This just arrived in the mail. I know, nothing that exciting. But I feel this is a great example. I don't own many cockade wreaths. This one is a nice one IMHO. would love to hear other opinions. Best Regards, JustinG
  12. Hello, I have a picture of a pair of WW2 Era German Kriegsmarine EM pants. They look good to me, they are well marked. I would like a second opinion just to make sure I am not missing any red flags, thanks.
  13. Hi Guys, Recently I've been very lucky to add to my collection a beautiful and extremely rare Japanese made Auxiliary Cruiser badge, silver sterling variant. It came in a small grouping which included among other things the enclosed letter. Can anybody try to decipher and translate it into English please? I wonder if there is really any connection between the badge and the letter? Thanks in advance! Hubert
  14. Hello, I have recently discovered that there are a lot of altered and fake militaria floating around these days. I am trying to find an original WW2 Kriegsmarine tunic for my collection. I am a novice at collecting and willing to learn all I can. I have some pics of one I have found. Thank you for your time and help.
  15. Hello, I am considering purchasing a Kriegsmarine tunic and pants that I have found. I don't know much about the tunics and was wondering if I could get some opinions on if the tunic and pants appears to be authentic WW2 German era and if they go together correctly. Thanks for your help!
  16. Greetings, I wanted to share my latest acquisition. A nice pillowcase from the Panzerschiff Admiral Scheer. Hope you like it. I am curious to get in hand as the Third Reich flag has an imperial flag over it. Thanks for looking! Regards, JustinG
  17. The original Dönitz commemorative coin in 999 Silver. This version is used to make a new mold, only one side used. Plaster cast from the above shown Dönitz commemorative coin. Sold as being an original wartime piece ! Seller mentions that the swastika is scratched out, but the original silver coin that was made after 1980 never had a swastika. "Original alte Plakette U-Boot Kriegsmarine Erinnerungsplakette KM WK 2 / Original old plaque Uboat Kriegsmarine memorial plaque KM WW 2" Artificially aged ......
  18. Version V1.


    Kriegsmarine Feldgrau Shoulder Straps Rank and Distinctive Unit Insignia Rank and Distinctive Unit Insignia By Eduardo Delgado
  19. Hi, I have a new tablet and new software that I am just starting to appreciate. Something I just created. I hope the forum likes this. My HSF zinc badge and a photo postcard of ships in the harbor. Best Regards, JustinG
  20. A cloth example of the DKiG in wear on the Kreigsmarine uniform. The recipient is unknown to me. Regards,Martin.
  21. All: Hello! Pictured below are some pieces of dishware from my Kriegsmarine collection. The image on the left is of a coffee serving set. The image in the middle is of a soup tureen and gravy boat set. The image on the right contains miscellaneous pieces, including a coffee cup. All of my dishware is posted in HWMF/Collector's Community: Forum's Inn/My Collection Showcase/ KM Collection - Display. Best regards, John
  22. All: Hello! Pictured is my first 57er piece 'U-Boat Badge' I recently added to my Kriegsmarine collection. Thanks to Steve L for making the acquisition possible, great transaction. I apologize in advance for my poor photography and editing. Best regards, John
  23. Greetings, So, I am thinking I am going to start rummaging through my collection and create a thread showing Mützenband, and 2-3 photo postcards of the ships. Thank you for checking this out. Best Regards, JustinG First Up: Torpedoboot Möwe
  24. Dear All, I'm new here as I came across a post about KM uniforms. I have a question about the maker of this KM jumper, hope you can help me. I've not found anything about it and I would like your opinion about this item. Thanks, Christian
  25. Greetings, We have a wealth of those who collect eagles. I am curious. Has anyone known of a known example of a Kriegsmarine Minesweeper eagle? We know that there were several versions of locomotive, rail car, and building eagles; Have you seen or know what size and markings would be on a KM Minesweeper ship? Here's some photos of what I am talking about. If anyone has some insight on the subject, I would be grateful for input. Regards, JustinG