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Found 8 results

  1. I saw this tunic at auction and would like to know if I missed a good item or dodged a bullet. It is represented as authentic with questionable insignia (shirt, tie, pin & belt not included). The stamps indicate a MosFilm history. With premium, the realized price was around $3,300. Any and all opinions/comments are encouraged and appreciated regarding the pros and cons of this tunic. Thanks very much!
  2. Hey, everyone! Just picked up this armband, trying to get more opinions on it. I've gotten a few that are positive, but I could use as much insight as possible as I can't find many references to these. It's an SS-Sonderkommando armband stamped for the SS with what appears to be a legit stamp, marked to Berlin. Stitching and black light look good. There's visible staining all throughout and the ink appears good to me. I'll post a few pictures. Help would be much appreciated as SS stuff can be hard to authenticate. Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Ahnenerbe was incorporated into the SS. The study of the ancient German history was conducted with only one goal: to prove the superiority of the Aryan race within the scope of the Nazi race doctrine. I recently got this incredible Ahnenerbe document, hand signed by Dr Hans Strobel who was a SS-Hauptsturmführer, German Ahnenerbe folklorist and leader of the European Ethnology office in the staff of Alfred Rosenberg. Hans Strobel was author of several SS-Ahnenerbe books and his most successful book was "Bauernbrauch im Jahreslauf". He was the one who examined German books, magazines and scripts and decided if a German script may be published according to its content. This document is very rare and comes from the private estate of Hans Strobel. The document is official stationary of the official party examining board to protect nationalsocialistic literature. Hans Strobel examined the topic of the folklore and homeland magazine. It reads, The assignment of the official party examining board to protect nationalsocialistic literature is to view and examine the literature according to nationalsocialistic topic. The board must sharply separate between statements against the terms of the nationalsocialistic world ideology or statements who intentionally or unintenionally spread misleading sights or thoughts. To work on this task is a decree by the deputy of the Führer (Rudolf Hess) from 6.1.1936 and it is an important duty for the party. Accordingly it is neccessary to settle this fast and careful in any cases. Enclosed you will find the "Volkstum and Heimat" magazine for assessment The enclosed assessment form must be completed as soon as possible and to send back along with the magazine. Articles who are against the terms of the nationalsocialistic world ideology or come into question being adopted to the nationalsocialistic bibliography must be cleary pointed out and must be described with a short characteristic opinion. A very rare document, and extremely interesting as a topic of Ancient Germanic History doctored to suit the NAZI brainwashing propaganda.... I like this kind of topic for documents. The political side of the TR fascinates me...
  4. I found a person that is selling a set of SS collar tabs but I'm not sure what they're worth. He's asking for $350
  5. Hello! This is my first post here, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place or any other such mistakes. Here is my double decal SS helmet. I have posted these pictures before on another forum, but I'd love to get some second opinions and I'd be especially grateful for information about who would have been using this helmet and what the would have been doing. Thanks for looking!
  6. ReichFeldpost

    Normandy SS Items

    On a recent Normandy trip, to the location of the 'Quest for a Panzer' project, I was presented with these amazing items as a thank you for the work and effort that I have put in to the project. The SS collar tab is for an Officer, along with the small calf holstered fire-arm. It's not everyday that you are given such incredible items for the collection. Needless to say they will be taking pride of place in the bunker...
  7. Hi Thanks for letting me join the forum. I hope I am posting this in the right section I have this tunic that I believe may be right, but I am very wary of any German camouflage, especially SS. It is the Pea pattern panzer wrap over tunic I have seen a more or less exact example in the French Militaria book of German uniforms. It is in very good, probably unused condition and has just some light rust on some of the small blackened steel buttons. The camouflage has a hazy look to it. It consists of spots in the 5 colours. The cloth is very soft and lacks any rigidity. There are no slits or buttons to adjust the cuffs. I found another similar example sold on Ebay, a while back in the USA. There are some ink stamp size numbers on the inside. I have uploaded only 2 photos as the limit is 4.8 MB. I can upload more if necessary. Could anyone let me know their opinion? Thanks John
  8. Hi I have come across this smock, which I believed was the so called 'Pink' Smock, of which there is divided opinion. What appears to be different, however, is the fact that you can see clearly a reeded effect in the mid green colour of the summer side. Also, it is plain to see where the colour printing hasn't matched exactly, leaving thin white borders between the colours. I have not seen that on the other Pink example I have looked at. The construction is very good. Has anyone come across this type? Is it definitely a copy, as I would expect to see more examples online? Thanks and regards John