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Found 3 results

  1. Show us your Stalingrad related documents - Show us your Stalingrad related IDs ============================================================== Here is a great group to a young Gefreiter who served with Panzer Grenadier Division 79, 16. Panzer Division. The division fought in the northern part of Stalingrad and its suburbs and suffered tremendously from street fighting. When the Soviets encircled the Sixth Army in November, 1942, 16. Panzer Division was cut into two groups with the majority surrounded in the Kessel. By early December, the Red Army was attempting to squeeze the pocket. Gefreiter Willi Pfau of 2. Kompanie was wounded in action on December 10th and ultimately flown out of the pocket. The extent of his wound is unknown, but it surely saved his like. While recovering from his wounds, or shortly after, Pfau was attached to Panzer Erst Regiment 64 and was undoubtedly added to the newly formed (recreated) Panzer Grenadier Regiment 64. He went on to serve with the unit until at least November, 1944 where he was awarded the Panzer Assault badge in Bronze. One of the most interesting things about this group is that he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class by the Ersatzheeres in March, 1943. He likely received his award on this level as his original unit was destroyed. Its also possible that all or most soldiers who were wounded in the pocket and escaped were given an EK2 if they didn't already have one, or a record of one. I have seen four examples of this type of EK citation and three out of four of them were awarded to soldiers who were wounded in the Kessel and escaped. I'm curious if anyone has ever seen this type of EK citation (awarded by the Replacement Army) rendered for anything other than Stalingrad.
  2. Show us your Stalingrad related IDs - Show us your Stalingrad related Documents ============================================================== A fairly recent item into the collection is this Wehrpass to a medic in 24 Panzer Division and who was wounded in the push to Stalingrad. Georg Stanisch originally joined the Heer in 1937 and served in Reiter-Regiment 2 which was a cavalry regiment of 1 Kavallerie-Division. With this Regiment he fought in Poland in 1939 and in the West in 1940 after which it undertook occupation duties. In December 1941 1 Kavallerie-Division underwent a major reorganisation and finally gave up the horse for tanks and became 24 Panzer Division with the soldier being assigned to the Stabs-Schwadron of II/Pz.Rgt 24. The first formation of 24 Pz.Division was involved in the drive and subsequent fighting at Stalingrad and it was during this drive to the city that Stanisch was seriously wounded by schrapnel in his right leg on the 25th August 1942. For an excellent coverage of the combat on that day see Pages 62-68 of Jason Mark's superb Death Of The Leaping Horseman which covers the 24 Pz.Division at Stalingrad. On this day the division suffered 19 'all ranks' killed and 204 'all ranks' wounded, including Stabsarzt Dr Ernst Schumacher of Pz.Rgt 24, and one man missing. By this time Stanisch was a Sanitäts-Feldwebel. He was wounded seriously enough that he was eventually discharged from Wehrmacht service on 4th October 1943. During his service Stanisch was awarded... EK II EK I PAB Silber Wound Badge in Silver A nice little extra with this Wehrpass is that it records that as Stanisch was assigned to a cavalry unit he was trained in the use of the cavalry sword - listed on his weapon training page (Pg 20) is Säbel.
  3. Gents, I have had this set for the last couple of months, having won it on E-Bay Germany, his photo album was also offered, but I lost out on that..... This is the 1957 nachless (set) of Major Eberhard Pohl, a Stalingrad survivor who won his RK on hill 124.5, on the Northern edge of the Kessel, 17th December 1942, Pohl was commander of the first battalion, Infantry Regt 134 "Hoch und Deutschmeister", part of 44th Inf Div. Pohl was wounded and captured on the 29th January 1943, two days before the surrender of the 6th Army by Paulus. He then spent eleven years in Russian captivity, first as a POW and then as it happened to most Officers as an war criminal on trumped up charges of war crimes against Russia. He was released in 1954, and returned home to Germany, where in 1955 he joined the BW Army rising to the rank of Oberstleutnant before retiring in 1965. He died 16th April 1997 at Ottobrunn in Bavaria. The set I won set comprises of the following....His mini chain "Frackkettchen", BW ribbon bars x 4, RK button hole device and Stalingrad commemorative lapel badge. His chain and ribbon bars show the following awards....RK, Deutsche Kreuz in Gold EK I, EK II, Silver wound badge, Infanterie Sturmabzeichen,Ost medal, 4 yr Service medal, Sports badge in Gold and finally the Hungarian Knights cross of merit. The button hole device is for the RK, a rather nice little miniature indeed, in great condition. I show a photograph of Pohl wearing the very same ribbon bars on his BW tunic. It would appear that he did not purchase full sized 1957 replacement awards, All of Pohl's awards both TR and the 57er set plus his photo album were auctioned off in early September this year and then sadly broken up....and scattered to the four winds ! Strangely enough his RK was not amongst that set, its whereabouts to me unknown at this time. Eberhard Pohl was born November 23rd 1908 in Sagen, Niederschlesien (now called Zagen in Poland), joining the Bremen Shutze Polizie as an Officer cadet 5th February 1928, later becoming as a Wehrmacht Leutnant, an adjutant in Inf Regt 65....then after the Anschluss on the 1st June 1938 became a company commander in the Austrian Inf Regt 13, garrisoned in Hainberg...this regiment latter became part of the famous Infantry Regt 134 "Hoch und Deutschmeister" garrisoned in Wein (Vienna), and he became commander of the 1st Battalion of that Regiment, taking part in the Polish, French and Russian campaigns culminating in his participation in the battle for Stalingrad, where, as we all know the 6th Army was destroyed.....It was during the Russian campaign the he won his Deutsche Kreuz in Gold on the 2nd April 1942. During my research, I was able to add to the collection a piece of personal correspondance from Pohl to an American "fan" in which he gives a synopsis of his career adding that he had his RK with him in captivity up to the 9th November 1945, when he, and I quote "broke it up" and sent it with a returning soldier to Germany when later in 1954 he was reunited with it ! He also mentions that the colour portrait was done when in hospital in Kharkov early 42' and that he later painted on the RK ! Further enquiries reveal Pohl never joined the OdR.....More information on the 44 ID can be found here 44.Infanteriedivision and here Unit Histories-44.Infanterie-Division | INSTAHLGEWITTERN whilst more information on the 134th Inf Regt "Hoch und Deutschmeister" can be found here Hoch un Deutschmeister: History With thanks to Ritterkreuztrger - Die Trger des Ritterkreuzes des Eisernen Kreuzes 1939 - 1945 for the images of Pohl in BW uniform. Prost ! Steve.