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Photo - WW1 - Capitano of 52nd Infantry Regiment

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Unidentified Capitano of 52nd Infantry Regiment:


After spending some time familiarizing myself with Italian awards, I believe his awards are as follows:

1) Croce al Merito di Guerra (War Merit Cross)
2) Croce al Merito di Guerra (War Merit Cross)
3) Medaglia Commemorativa Della Guerra 1915-1918 (War Commemorative Medal 1915-1918, with 3 stars)
4) ?
5) Medaglia Commemorativa Della Guerra Italo-Turca 1911-1912 (Italo-Turkish War Commemorative Medal 1911-1912)
6) Medaglia per il Terremoto Calabro-Siculo 1908 (Calabria-Sicily Earthquake Relief Medal 1908)


Note: The light blue bands of ribbons 1, 2, and 5 in the studio photo seem to be washed out by the light so they appear to be white.  An online image search for these medals reveals varying degrees of blue shading on original ribbons.  Modern replacement ribbons consistently have the darker blue bands.

Any help with correctly identifying his awards would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

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Could it be the Italian Bravery Medal or would it be placed higher on the bar?

Are you referring to the Medaglia al Valore Militare (Medal of Military Valor)?  If so, I had already considered that award.  Based on appearance it would be a good fit as it has a solid dark blue ribbon with a gold star 218px-Valor_militare_gold_medal_-_old_st or silver star 218px-Valor_militare_silver_medal_BAR.sv for those degrees (no star for the bronze).  However, I think your suspicion that it should be higher in precedence is correct.  The mystery #4 ribbon is in the middle of campaign/commemorative ribbons so I don't believe it's an award for valor or chivalry.

Let me know if you're referring to a different award.

Thanks for the suggestion, Pierce.


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